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Cheapest way to own an iPhone 6S


What I love about the new iPhone 6S (rose gold):

– By far the most impressive camera phone with its 4K video mode, & front camera flash (say yes to better selfie)!
Live video features, that captures the before & after you press the shutter button! You do not just take ordinary photo, you are basically taking a little video! Creating own animated wallpaper!
– It’s very durable (apparently), it’s higher grade aluminium alloy & new glass for the screen. Apple claims that it’s the strongest used in smart phones.
3D touch that turns keyboard into trackpad. You can use it to highlight text, copy, cut & paste. You can also now peek/preview into message, mails, website, & playlist with the 3D touch.

& it’s in metallic P I N K. Ohmygawdddddd.

Well, these days, we would opt to get these beauties from our local telco instead, as they are most of the time cheaper!

And, as expected all the major local telcos in Malaysia have subsequently launched their respective pre-order plan packages for the brand new Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus over the weekend!

I did a mistake with my current phone plan, & you have no idea how costly it is to get locked in a wrong telco plan. T.T

This time round, I’VE LEARNED.
I took quite some time to analyse the iPhone 6S plan offered by all the local telco.

& here you go, why I personally find U Mobile to be the most value for money plan in compare to the other local telco:

Above is the lowest & highest entry plan from various telco.

Back to myself.
With my monthly IDEAL budget of RM100 to spend on telco plan, I will be opting for the Umobile i90 PLAN. (It’s even lower than what I am willing to pay, I am amazed.)

With a low monthly fee of RM90, I will be getting 7GB high speed internet, and UNLIMITED calls to all network. I find it very worthy as, 6GB high speed internet will cost me at least RM148 from the other telco providers.
With this, I literally save up about RM100 from my current telco plan. Awesome.

& after testing out their #datastrongnetwork plan for about a month, it’s proven that their internet speed is way faster & stable too.

You can read more about it from my previous post.

However, even with the cheapest plan, iPhone 6S is still going to be so expensive, what’s more when MYR is so weak now. HELP….

Well, I think God heard my prayers.

Was scrolling through U Mobile site and found this:
First FLEXI and FULL financing scheme for Device Financing.

Decided to blog about this because I was pretty shocked that now they actually offer loan for smartphone (like, seriously). It simple means that everyone can own a smartphone now.

Best part, there’s no hassle! It’s extremely easy to apply.
Honestly, this is by far the most affordable & convenient option to pay for these devices over time.

Guess U Mobile is trying their best not just in providing the most affordable telco data plan, but at the same time making smart devices affordable to the mass market.

Isn’t it awesome that now EVERYONE get to own a smart phone of their dream with this easy payment scheme!
Which means, me too can now really get my iphone 6S! hahahah.

If you wish to buy a new smartphone, but worrying about the large sum of money you need to fork out for it. This could be a very good choice as U Mobile is giving a 25% savings to the users even on the cheapest iPlan, the monthly installment can go as low as RM48.

iPhone6s RRP is RM3,199 – with i40 plan the total cost of two years tenure is RM3,480 (which means the different is just RM281), and you get:
1.5GB + 40 minutes + 20sms a month for 2 years!

Get your iphone 6S now,  CLICK HERE to find out more.


**disclaimer: all above is based on my personal thoughts & experience.


  • Is this for real? I mean I used UMobile before.. That was a year ago.. Their so-called strongnetwork doesn’t seems to be strong but just certain places and I were charged with so many hidden charges.. My plan was suppose to be RM28, but ended up paying almost RM80 per month..

  • Hi Louise, try it again! because my colleague is using the RM28 plan now. & it works perfectly fine with no hidden charges. hehe!

  • Hi can I ask if I would like to change from maxis to umobile. Do I need to sign up contract like a year or two?

  • Kailie – As per what I know, there’s no contract needed. :D

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