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this week

some updates for this week.

assignments . midterm . presentation .
assignments, it’s definitely more than enough to keep the lonely me occupied. idle, isn’t a good thing. boyfriend said i have been thinking too much lately and it isn’t healthy. blame the free time i had. ha! midterm, i didn’t manage to answer all the question with the definite answer. but, well i am quite sure that i am not going to fail. so yea, HOORAY! presentation, “the worst that i had did“, shas said. shall be glad that the tutor was linear enough to give a mark as high as 6.3/8 despite my lousy performance. the topic was gender inequality. there’s not much issues about gender inequality these days (for me, at least), it’s more like gender differentiation. i like it this way. i am feeling comfortable being protected by those machos. *smile*

had massive period pain. my eyes are now swollen due to excessive tears shed. it’s true that woman’s cry rate will increase by 5 times before and after the menstrual period, she would just cry w/o any specific reason. true enough. mummy wasn’t by my side, no one make me hot milo and pat me to sleep. pain killer voluntarily took over the job. over-dosage, was the result.

inexpressible 9th anni.
we broke the 9th month curse thingy. however, more tears shed on that day itself. he gave me a surprise after all those tears. *ahem* i shan’t tell more about it here, way too dramatic. but, as usual, it’s a happy ending.

shades to hide my swollen eyes. =x


watched hot summers day in the ultimately warm air-condless cinema at Ipoh with the boyfriend. despite the unfavorable environment, the movie was unexpectedly good. it makes me laugh like some cuckoo, then, makes me shed my tears once again. it’s that kind of movie that i would love.



劇里謝霆鋒與他爸爸劉家輝的那一段。 無可否認,那一段很搞笑,但不知怎么,看著看著,我哭了。




Boyfriend brought me to Ipoh for dinner the other since i was desperately craving for Ipoh Ho Fun. =)  Kahho and Shas tagged along. Intended to go to the infamous Lou Wong, but Shas suggested Restoran Cowan Street. Shas said they serve better chicken and kueyteow soup with a cheaper price. Tried, & have no regrets! Probably the best I had.

p.s. – Andy Lau ate there before. *wink*


It’s so hot, that I feel I was bbq-ed. I am glad I am back at Subang now, at my own home sweet home where I can enjoy the full blast air-cond. :)

that’s all for now. bye.
Good day.


  • take care :)
    and yea, hot summer days, the part where jacky cheong’s daughter use $50 to buy his 1 hour is very touching :(
    congrats ! 9 months with your bf :)

  • freda – so fast comment d! *touched* hee! thank you!! ^^

  • baby…we’ll go thru evi single shit k? loves…i miss you baby <3

  • bii – i know we will, love you heaps! ♥

  • I miss Ipoh hor fun too! =)

  • swingy – which one you went? :)

  • the weather is so hot in KL,not sure with Kampar…
    do comparison between Kampar & Subang? Which 1 hotter? ;P
    drink more water … & take care ^^

    Congratz with the 9th month both of you had passed through…
    Wish happy happy forever =)

  • tracy – probably kampar. there’s more trees around my house! :) & i have got air cond in my room here. ^^ thank you thank you!

  • Usually I go to Onn Gei, beside Lou Wong. But I have not try the Restaurant Cowan Street you mentioned here before. Where is it?

  • Should give a try at Indulgence in Ipoh =)

  • Pls check ur email. =) the

  • swingy – i know onn gei. you should really go try the Restaurant Cowan Street’s one. it’s really good. :)

    xiaopei – uh. what cuisine is it? :)

    grace – checked. :)

  • Congrats on the 9 months.
    The hor fun looks real yummy.

  • jinny tan – thanks! yea, it’s delicious. :)

  • where do you fix your brows in kampar?

  • Just to be honest, I received the contact lens from the online website you recommended. The lenses are fine, and everything else is ok too. Only one thing. She said that one pair of the lenses was out of stock and till now, she hasn’t strikethrough that pair! I duno..either she missed it or forgotten or probably saving it for ppl who buy in bulk. :S

  • anon – did you tried to contact them again? maybe tried to remind them?

  • bao – ahh, i fix it in KL. :)

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