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tea break


had tea break with baby @ dave’s deli, 1Utama.

they make great sandwiches, i especially love their chicken focca toast with cheese.
oh, & it goes real well with a glass of refreshing iced ribena longan.

hearty food and great companion completed my awesome noon.
wish you all enjoyed your day too.

p.s. – window shopping increased my desires. i now have got so many many desire, with so little cash.
ugh, this isn’t right. i shan’t think bout these anymore.


  • Baby with loves, there’s always more n more desire coming by…just think twice b4 making any action…miss you heaps. be well in kampar yea…will see you really really soon <3

  • biii – you la! bring me go window shopping!!! ish ish ish! ahhh, i gonna miss you. :(

  • it’s really a blessing of being together with the one you love the most :) i enjoy every moment with them !

  • freda – i wish i could now. :(

  • Hey Tziaaa, I recently ordered a pair of contacts from as you recommended in one of your blog entries. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE SERVICE. I realised the lady nvr updates her stock and keep giving excuses to not send out the stocks. now, i’ve paid her and she keep telling me there are problems with the stock I ordered. i just want ppl to be more aware.

  • worst, she banned me from her shoutbox!

  • anon – OMG! srsly?! hmmmm. i am so sorry. i didn’t know it will turns out like that. because, the last time i ordered. it’s good! i am sorry!

  • tzia I need to ask you something since I’m too shy to ask other people. :( I won tickets and suppose to go Nuffnang office to collect but I’m too busy due to classes can I allow my daddy to take for me?

  • jillian – ugh, i am not sure worr. sorry! :(

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