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it was a massive jam at Pudu. crashed on a SUNNY’s ass.
impact was quite huge. left side was partially smashed.

it was your fault. yet the driver drove by and said doesn’t matter.
no police report make, no money needed to pay to the other driver.

wanting to rush back eagerly. but driving only at the speed of 60km/h.
you know that was the fastest you could drive on that moment of time.

he saw. & gave you a hug. that mean more than anything else.
no one is blaming you. yet trying their best to comfort you.

after all, you are very well blessed.

what if it wasn’t a sunny but a BMW?
what if the driver came down and screw you upside down?
& what if you could never wake up again after the accident?

ugh, i shan’t think any further.


anyway, should i chop off my layered hair, straighten it and then dye it black-blue?


  • why the new colour is blue meh?
    i think you looked great in latte/caramel colours

  • isabellmiao – haha, no la, i just have the urge to do so. :)

  • purple hair better! =D

  • jing – ahh, hard to maintain!!

  • tzia wanna change style?
    Hmmmm, red-purplish not bad =p

  • tracy – i am bored with my hair already, :) haha, why no one like black-blue. :(

  • Try cutting it short then straighten it.Perhaps a bob?

  • passerby – i have got fat face. it wouldn’t look nice on me. :(

  • Black-blue would be cool. Especially in straight shoulder length hair (a little bob that kind). Go ahead :)

  • i’ve got a fat face also. and i thought it would make my face appears “fatter” too but no such thing.
    ya, i think bob will look nice on you too.

  • xiaopei – haha. yea, was thinking bout that. but…. ugh, i scared i look fugly with that. i shall go on diet first before i do that.

    isabellmiao – omg, which part of your face is fat?!

  • noono,u look fabulous with this hairstyle

  • caihong – dilemma . :(

  • you look great with your current hair :)
    try reddish brown ~ or blonde your hair . hehe

  • freda – i am so lazy that i would love color that is easy to maintain, any idea?

  • em, i think dark brown is easy to maintain :)
    try the 2nd darkest reddish brown ~

  • i think you look great at present..then again you look great in any color.

  • freda – haha, my current color right? i know, but i thought of changing. ;(

    charles – aww. that’s sweet!

  • black blue not suite u …

  • tracy – really o. :(

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