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Blog is currently inactive, because exam mode is officially activated! Woots.

Oh, and, study mood is loving ♥ me so freaking much lately.

Shall be back with more updates right after my finals kay!

*short post updated through my blackberry :)


  • Good Luck Tziaaa =)

  • Same here^^ Anyway add oil Tzia^^

  • will miss your blog :(
    good luck for your finals ! :)

  • good luck
    gambateh ^^

  • all the best in yr exam.
    ExAM is torturing…i’m going thru it..hehe
    oops! I saw some ‘unwanted’ stuff at the background of yr pic! :)

  • Y is there a Durex sticker behind U?! HA…

  • step harder on the accelerator. ^^

  • tracy – thankiew!!! :)

    zues – hee! same goes to you!! ^^

    freda – aww. thanks!!! <3

    yvonne - thank you!!

    joann - thanks. haha. we were doing a mock conference and there's did group use durex to make a press conference on "female condom".

    teycindy - wah, you people punya eyes very geng. i also didnt realize before this. i was in my uni's loo. lol.

    dylan - haha, ok! thanks!

  • good luck n all the best..

  • medicboyz – thankiew thankiew!

  • phew .. u r so damn hot ..

  • tziaa, where did you get your contact lenses? are they comfortable and safe? do you wear them everyday?

  • 博客不错,路过!

  • ohmla – thanks. :)

    joy – i got them from either pasar malam or online boutique. it’s comfortable and i wear it every day. :)

    发表论文 – 謝咯!xD

  • interesting mock conference though…should do it in my uni too…..hehe..anyway hope u have a flying colour result :)
    enjoy yr holiday

  • jo ann – heh! have fun! & thankiew! ^^

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