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tziaaa’s closet’s password RETRIEVED
my facebook account’s password RETRIEVED


i FAILED to retrieved password for my twitter, and my msn ( *criessssssss*.

dear all, please unfollowed my hacked twitter account, and delete me from my hacked msn account.
follow me in twitter here, and ask for my new msn email add through email (

thankiew very much!


yes, all my accounts are hacked!!

i couldn’t log in to my FACEBOOK, TWITTER,, & also my TZIAAA’S CLOSET.

Only my blog is saved because it’s under NUFFNANG’s server.
SERIOUSLY, i am so so so glad that it’s under Nuffnang!

thank you!

I have no fucking idea of how does it happened.
But, it happened.

I seriously need some time to sort things out.
please do bare with me yea.

***sad FML MAX. I seriously feel like crying now. T.T


  • wow! how come!… so sad for u…

  • oh god! like that also want hack. dun sad kay? change everything new. new fb, new email, new twitter. anyway, removed the hacked profile. wait u add u back in new profile. peace ^^ be strong.

  • Remove u??
    u goin to create new account??

  • if u hvnt contact facebook or gmail, try contact them 1st.

  • cheer up, hope you can solve all the problem as soon as possible

  • wah so serious!

  • those hacker are really suck!!! luckily u can get back some account :)

  • is it because after you log out facebook you straight away sign in? and i assumed all your account you used either gmail or hotmail to sign up and have no alternative account.

  • calvin – idk how. =(

    vincent – those people are hopelessly lifeless, i supposed. ;(

    nic – yes, please do remove me if i am in your msn’s list.

    khoichoong – i had retrieved my facebook and gmail’s password. heh!

    josheen – thanks, girl ^^

    liki – yea lu… :(

    charlene – yup, god blessed. :)

    shervaune – log out facebook you straight away sign in??? what you mean? haha, nop, is just that i use the same password, so sekali gus kena hacked all. sigh!

  • yea. there’re lifeless! too free to hack something unnecessarily. anyway, nw can add back u in fb rite?

  • you so famous now…thats why people want to hack….wiwit….hehehe

  • *HUGS*

  • vincent – yup, sure you can. :)

    amat – lol. *sighhh*

    michellezyenn – thanks babe! ♥

  • tzia tzia. added u back. do approve. name: Vincent Chong. ^^V

  • oh dear.. lucky thing the blog is fine . *hugs*

    when everything is fine, i’ll teach you on how to make it safe

  • Oh My God. How come will kena hacked? :( I feel bad for you. So kesian. It’s okay, everything will be good soon. Try to log in again. Maybe can leh… Who would be so evil to hack someones accounts. I HATE HACKERS!

  • omg~ sad for u. =(
    My FB & Hotmail will kena hack once in a twice week.
    Hackers is so hatred!
    I can understand your feeling.

    Followed you in my twitter, Hmmm, i will go to remove your old 1…
    How abt the facebook? remain the same account? =)

  • you can actually reset your msn password at here or here
    if the first link doesn’t work

  • Just knew it now…
    Why people so free to hack others website?

  • vincent – thankiew!

    serge – teach me teach me!!!

    weiyu – they very lifeless, i don’t like!

    tracy – huh??!! really??!! how you overcome it?! anyway, yes, facebook same account.

    kyle – i tried,but failed. thanks, anyway! :)

    dsvt – lifeless. ugh!

  • don’t cry ! *pats*

  • your PC prob got infected by a bot, in future get Comodo firewall.
    Its a-bit troublesome at first, but its used to catch crackers.

  • freda – *wipe tears awayyyy

  • v – uh, what’s that?

  • I keep reported to FB. haha
    I guess i reported too many times I request for new password.
    & FB traced the last user’s location.
    It’s Indonesia (most of the time) & Canada (for once)!

    Hotmail kena i guess it’s because my FB’ info there do have my hotmail’s acc… so kena sama sama(but my hotmail pw & FB pw is totally different =/)

    I don’t know wat’s the purpose hacked my acc without doing anything =/

  • so now how??
    do u have new facebook account?

  • i am so sorry to have so many question.
    I really dont understand.
    like me,a lousy blogger,many things i cant understand.

    what do you mean under nuffnang server??

  • hweeen – nop, i retrieved back my password d. ern, under their server… isk how to explain either! sorry!

  • Dont worry… din’t u put secure question?
    retrive the password back..
    P/S : pink n cute

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