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Sony Cyber-shot DSC TX5

I am a happy lucky girl!

Just when I made a confession to Borabora, saying that I would one day go diving inside its’ irresistible crystal clear water, I got the chance to review the world’s smallest and thinnest waterproof digital camera, Sony Cyber-shot DSC TX5.


It comes in 5 different colors, I got the red one.
The camera air tight construction is Water-Proof to a depth of 3 meters, Shock-Proof to a height of 1.5m, Temperature-proof up to -10 Celsius and, Dust-proof. I had never expect such a dazzling small deck-sized thing to be so rugged! Yes, I am, impressed myself.


Test shot:
I promise that all the photos in this entry are completely unedited, except for, resizing and adding in frames. In another word, it’s all photoshop-free.


Went swimming at auntie’s condo together with lil sister some days ago and took some underwater photos. This small thing provides me with rather sharp and vivid color images, very satisfying.

At one moment, I even have a thought that I am using the anti-motion-blur function.


oh, and it has got a 3-inch LCD Plus wide touchscreen display that functions even underwater which ease the underwater photo taking experience!


The “Exmor R” CMOS sensor lets you take pretty photos in even low light without using a flash. It also means that it has other useful features such as Handheld Twilight.

Took a photo of the night view from auntie’s condo, it really do amazed me that the image isn’t blurred due to the low light, and, with me hand holding the camera.

The results appeared to be pretty good with low noise level.


Attended the EUROBEATS event held at twenty-one, BSC last week. & once again, I think Sony Cyber-shot TX5 did a good job in taking twilight portrait images with flash. Faces don’t seem to be overly whitened; also, the color is vibrant which saved up my time from editing the exposure and contrast, awesome!

& is it me or what, my face features seems to be sharper in these photos? heh!



Had gratifying dinner with the family @ Marche last weekend, took some photos of the foods.

Salmon, and lamp chop. Sister said the lamp chop wasn’t that good on that day, but somehow with the lil Sony Cyber-shot TX5, it looks extremely delicious here. Wtf, I also don’t know how it can looks so yummy in photos. @@


#6 iSweep Panorama
This is one of the features that I really love in this camera!

Just by press-and-sweep motion, you will be able to achieved a good and natural looking wide panoramic shot. It works both horizontally and vertically. It has the superb ability to takes 10 photos in 1 second and automatically stitches together a burst of images.

One sample shot, my room. Yes, half of my bed is taken up by my lovely mickey mouses and friends.


#7 Soft Snap

this is another feature I hearts much. Tried it on my baby mickey, it dulls the background a little, and focused more on the main subject. Also, it adds a soft lightening glow on the image, giving you the angelic look. *addhalo*


#8 Post shoot

Paint feature allows you to add pretty frames to your beautifully taken photos right in the camera. There’s a total of 15 dainty frames for you to choose from.

* added pink lacey frama on baby mickey’s photo

#9 Pets

Baby Hershey became my model to test out this feature. I would say it does helps a little in taking photos of my active baby Hershey and improved the problems of baby hershey’s red eyes.

Mummy just brought Baby Hershey for full grooming. & this is her new look, she looks so much cuter now . *lovessssss

#10 Movie mode
The camera shoots a 1280 x 720 high definition movies. Also, its zoom enabled.

Baby Hershey learned sits, hand hand, high five, down and “piang”!

As a conclusion, I am very happy to own this camera! <3
you can now have one of this baby too, with a very reasonable price of rm1499.


Participate in“My Water Moments” contest! Take a photo and explain how does it relate to the theme and how the pretty photo of yours could have been improved if you have a waterproof camera like Sony Cyber-shot TX5 (do mention some key feature of the Sony Cyber-shot TX5 camera too!).

Then, submit the permalink as a comment to the Sony Camera Nuffnang Blog Post.

The 3 best entries will be given a free Sony Cyber-shot TX5 camera!
All the best! ^^


  • Now that’s a realyy GREAT real world test and promotion for this camera and Sony.

    Great JOB!!!!

  • i see me!!! :DDDDD

  • teycindy – haha, i see you too!!

  • how do you actually open your eyes in the water? it doesnt hurt?

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  • hershey super cuteeee !
    hee, anyway what program you use to make those collage ? super nice!

  • Cameras nowadays are getting slimmer and better in functions.

  • they give u the camera or must return wan? :o

  • girl – my eyes are terribly red after that. heh!

    freda – thankiew! ern, i use photoscape, you can actually download it online! :)

    xiaopei – i have to agree with you! ^^

  • =D How much you bought?!!I love this camera wei!!

  • monnie – i got it for free, it’s a review unit?

  • Hershey is shoooooo cute!I feel like stealing her away now…

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    isabellakuan - ah... kidnapper! *protect hershey* heh!!!

    wilson - thankiew!

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  • Miaoo- This blog is abt her personal life. If u want sexy pics u can go to pornsite but not here.

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  • freda – haha, that was my favorite mistake! it was an accident!

    wilson – thankiew wilson! *smile!

    mojojo – thankiew!

    anonymous – ern, later, perhaps! thanks anyway! ^^

  • hi, believe it or not. i used to have a shih tzu just like hershey. :D your hershey reminds me alot about my dear dear Golden. <3 [golden- my dog]

  • is better than canon?

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  • weihwei – uh, why used to? :(

    maozai – both have its good. :) heh!

    emt – thankiew

    yuri – aww. thankiew! <3 uh, you mean?

  • Thanks for sharing the details. I found the information very helpful.

  • You are welcome. Ya, where do you get this camera? I think this camera is worth to buy lorh. Quite reasonable the price ( for such a nice camera of course larh.) ( PS: Wei Hwei’s my sister)

  • erm..i mean is which Online Shop Boutique u buying clothes..?know wat i mean? can share wif me~

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  • hey girl, u look awesome!! and did u lose weight again??
    because u look slim now!!!so slim!!!

    can u share ur secret?? i cant seems to lose weight:( help me!!

  • weiyu – haha, from sony? it’s a review unit. :)

    yuri – ern, boogee-boogey?

    john – haha, thankiew!! i am just an ordinary student. :)

    sweeying – i loose 1kg, just yesterday. haha, i ate a lot these days, i haven’t intentionally go on diet. that’s why i am surprise too!

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  • lol!! like 2006-07?? HAHAA!!

  • oh, because he passed away. :( he passed away of old age. he was my first birthday present from daddy. oh i miss him alot. :D he is cute and his fur is golden brown. that’s why i named him golden. :)

  • OH GOSH!!!!! ur puppy is really cute!!!!! and cool camera!!!! i wish i could get one hehehe ^^

  • What’s a review unit? I am kid, I don’t understand much… Sorry~

  • sweeying – wow, that’s really quite long ago.

    weihwei – i am so sorry to hear that. Thanks God that you all have an awesome memories before that!

    fifi – heh! go go! go get one!

    weitu – ern, an unit for me to try out and do review?

  • Hey dear, i just found ur blog and its super cool. ;)
    Ur puppy is soo adorable too. dun mind me asking but wht puppy food do u feed her? She’s so chubby n cute. Coz i have a shihtzu puppy too and he doesnt want to eat his food nowadays. Thot of giving different food to make him chubbier. Thanks dear!

  • so,u get for free and is yours now,right??
    so nice…
    How to get a review unit??they contact you..

    actually,i have come here once but lost the link.
    just get from a friend’s blog.
    i look through your profile.
    wa~we are same year.
    but you are pretty and mature.
    not like me childish and ugly..

    btw,nice to meet you!!

  • sheneitha – aww. thankiew!!! heh! i wish my dog would eat less, she is so greedy. she eats almost every single thing. ern, trying mixing the dog food with can food for your puppy, he might likes it.

    hween – yes, sony is being real kind. heh! thankiew thankiew! :)

  • Thanks loads dear! will definetely take ur idea :)

  • sheneitha – welcome!

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    Reason of selling: won 2 same camera in competition.
    Market price:rm1499
    My price:rm1200, negotiable

    Contact me to get the new hot-selling waterproof camera. ;)


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