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Sweet Revenge

Was listening to the radio in the car some days ago, and my friend kept complimenting how fun and how beautiful DJ Jane is. Out of my kepo-ness, I went to goggle about this legendary DJ Jane.

& then, I stumbled upon this video of DJ jane and DJ Fara sabotaging each other. They are so mean, trying so hard to defeat each other. Well, we will have to put the blame on World Cup, everyone is now crazy over it. Heh! There’s one scene that they fought so hard, but someone else happened to achieve what they were fighting over for. And, oh my, I had a great laugh! It’s awesomely funny! & that’s why I am now sharing it with you people.

The video is so interesting. It causes me to crave for more and more….
& so, I went to watch all the three videos by the two celebrity DJs.

You people should go watch, laugh, and stay young forever, wtf?

For more video, you can watch it or get the link from the Castrol’s Malaysia Facebook,

Or, watched it here in my blog…

the above one is the first one…

& here is the 2nd one..

&, last but the least, the 3rd one..

I then show these videos to the two lovelies of mine, Adele and Shinyee. Guess it was an adrenaline rush. We, actually decided to create our very own spoof video. & there’s so much laughter during the process of recording, yes, we definitely had heaps of fun doing it together.

*** I used up 2 packets of extra kao coffee to…..
* Heh! go watch yourself here…

lol, now tell me, you love it a lot!


  • 1st time saw adele in real moving figure…

  • Nice!…Of cuz if only u are in the video only nice =)……..

  • i never expected your voice to sound like that! pleasant surprise :) and you’re reaally pretty!!

  • Haha, it tells the battle between ladies are so….. =p
    indirectly & planned well =p haha

  • Nice…
    Very cute…

  • lame….

  • joejoe – really? she is in a few of my previous videos :)

    wilson – uh? I am, in the last one. :)

    jo – heh, why never expected my voice to sound so? heh! thankiew! <3

    tracy - haha, actually we took quite a short time to record this video. anyway! thankiew!!!!! *heartsss!

    jeff - thankiew! xD

  • mia – maybe, but 3 us of definitely had fun!

  • Walao ye…ahahh aa…got part II? to be continued?

  • siaokai – sudah tak dah la! haha!

  • HAHAHA adele is damn funny hahaha.

  • weiw – she is legend!

  • so cute lah all of you ! :D

  • lol at sweet reveng3

    enjoyed ^.^

    by KianFai

  • freda – heh! thankiew!!!

    kianfai87 – thankiew! ^^

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