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bloody period

Beware. This is a total girly post.


One of thing that I fear most.


Can I not have periods? But come think of it all over again, if it doesn’t come.. it simply means I am pregnant, okay, or maybe menopause. I didn’t want to get pregnant now; neither have I wished to be menopause. Ugh.

I had always defined Periods as the most devastating moments of the month. Pain had never paid me mercy, leaving me in such terrible misery. I was told that when one is overweight, the pain will be worst. But now that I had lost much weight, the pain doesn’t seem to go away. I would say I couldn’t live without the 500mg Ponstan during that period of time. I know right, pain killer is never a good solution. But, I am yet to find the best solution. So yea, I now depend on the pain killer so much that I would black out if I stubbornly try to withstand the unbearable pain.

If you think that’s icky, nah, that’s not the worst, yet.

I don’t know about the others, but for me the bleeding that comes with periods can be quite heavy, causing my pad to be constantly damp ( I hate that soaky feeling, ugh! ) . & I used to experience intense shame and embarrassment when there’s period stains on my pants or skirt. Also, when menstrual blood mixed with the discharged, it produces an awful fishy odour. *ohmaigosh, blush 99* yeay weih, don’t tell me you people had never experienced this.

There’s once, when I need to attend an event which its dress code is WHITE, I am actually having periods. I use the maxi length pad already, but the pad still got damp after a short while. I pray so hard, hoping that it wouldn’t leak because I am wearing a beautiful white dress. But mehhhhhh…. It leaked, and there goes a stain on my white white dress. I was sitting on my bed that time, so yea, my pink bed sheet too got stained. FML max. There goes my dainty white dress, so I have to change to another white dress that I didn’t like that much. My mood was spoiled; i am not looking forward for the event anymore.


Things like this happened not just once, it had happened many many times. There’s also times when I got out without knowing my dress/pants/skirts was stained. Realized only when my friend told me about it. Paiseh max, I tell you. Imagine if you are going on your first date with your dream guy, he spotted the stained and tell you about it. **close face


Good thing is I no longer experience these shame and embarrassment when mom suggested me to use Whisper. Whisper really does amazed me as it gives me a fresh & dry feeling throughout my periods, probably because Whisper has a fresh absorbent core that that absorbs more in the middle, and gives more protection on the sides to prevent leakage and wetness which keeps me feeling fresh all day long even when I experience a sudden gush when I stand up.


Whisper made me feel so fresh to an extent that, I don’t even feel like I am having period. (exclude the pain). Whisper had successful eliminated the two main obstacles that stop me from feeling fresh and dry all day long. Firstly, it is because so far after I use Whisper I had not get my pants/skirts stained, yet (crossed finger). Also, with it really good absorbent it had successfully eliminate the fishy odour. At least, others wouldn’t smell it already as long as I have my pants on. Secondly, is that this ultra blood sucker has an Ultra thin series which is so thin; I don’t even feel that I am wearing a pad. No pad equals to no period, make sense?


Nop, I am not exaggerating. It is really that good. I didn’t know choosing a right pad can made your period days so much easier. “You will never know until you try it”, that’s what my mom told me.

Also, the other tips to keep your vagina feeling fresh and odour-free is to not wash with soup as it is not the appropriate way because it contains alkaline in nature & it will affect the pH balance down south which will make things worse. The smell will be even worse! You shall use either clean water, or, intimate hygiene wash. I am using the one from Elkern with floral fragrance, smells real good.

Let’s stay fresh and free together from now onwards!
Have a happy period! 



  • i feel you :( period pain totally crap!
    aww, that was a super chio pictures!

  • Keep up the good work, I like your writing.

  • Not entirely a girly post, guys hate periods too ;)

  • freda – heh! *high 5* thankiew thankiew!

    peter – haha, why?!

  • really!! wrote this in my blog once also! whisper is definitely the best! even laurier is so-so..

  • vivienne – ahh, really? actually i think laurier is also really good! :)

  • tziaaa,you experience pain every time period?
    err, are you taking a lots of cold drink / so called a lot of “凉” foods?
    if yes, maybe you can try to reduce the amount of it.
    It does influence a lot during period time.

  • tracy – yes, those things affect a lot. i am cutting down a lot already! thankiew! :)

  • Tziaaa we all feel your pain :(
    Rumour has it, eating chocolate reduces the pain. PLUS! It makes you happy =] Dark chocolate especially – but I don’t like dark chocolate. I use tampons as well as pads for double protection. It seems to help :D Have you tried that?

  • audrey – i don’t really dare to try tampons actually. :) yea, chocolate does help eh!! :)

  • Tzzia, i agree with you, Whisper rocks. Also, thanks for the advice on washing our girls private parts. This is a really helpful blog. thanks for sharing!

  • Heh! You’re most welcome! And I’m glad that it helps! :)

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