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Mafia’s night

i bet you people had enough of those awful photos of mine.
i am back this time, with pretty photos.

attended mass comm. club’s mafia night with a bunch of gorgeous darlings last week.
make over at sing ee’s place.

red lips – checked
sexay black dress – checked
rose accessories – checked
glove – checked
lacey pantyhose
– checked

getting all ready.
feel the mafia-ness in us? heh.


spot the “artificial” sexay moley below my eyes. *wink
i am pretty satisfied with my own make up that night.

reached there an hour late, but hey, we are still early. how ironic!
with gorgeous babe, Miacco while waiting to be sitted.

we are the only two that are bold enough to have velvet red lips on.

i rarely have red lips probably because i am not blessed with beautiful lips line, and i am really afraid that it would look horrible on me. but thanks God, i guess it doesn’t look THAT bad, that night.


another shameless photos…
& there’s more coming. heh!


with sweetheart sing ee, and miko.

miko. don’t you love her wide long eyes? *envy


sing ee was probably the sweetest girl I met after “her”.
her voice is so sweet that she would give me a toothache. ok la, she is very sweet as a whole (not only her voice), so now, i would have diabetes. -.-

and, she has got flawless skin! *why so not fair one!!!!!


Ashley, a woman who is as blur as me.


melanie hwa, she needs no more intro. no?


& this one, the superduper awesome Joyi.
she he was our DAILOU that night, also, my hubby.

so freaking yao yeng! *meltssssss

*my boyfriend is so gonna kill me. runnnnn*


but hmm, i ain’t his only wife.
sad to say, i am his 4th wife.


because there’s always shameless people like this continuously seducing him, you see? heh!


ok, we had a very complicated relationship that night. shan’t continue talking bout that.


oh, if you wondering why there’s no other photos(e.g. performance photos etc.) other than our vain camwhore photos, it is because we were sitting at a very not strategic place where all we see are the performer’s butt. It’s like as if we are sitting at the backstage, so yea.

anyhoo, i guess you people wouldn’t mind seeing these photos. yes? *dammbopaiseh

here’s my favorite photo of the night.
credits to Miacco.


toilet break.


camwhore pics with the others.
chairman of the event, Eng An.




UTAR’s model finalist, Eiko.


Miacco, Eiko, & yours truly.


flowers for the sweetheart.
do remember that, you’ll always be blessed!


as you can see, we spent most our time camwhoring that night.
but, i would say that all the performances on that night was awesome.

i especially , “三个字” by 凌加峻.
it’s still playing in my mind, till now.


okay, that’s all for now.

good night, lovelies.


  • eiko cuts her hair?

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  • Pictures looks cool ! XD

  • u look hot!!! ^^

  • Everybody looks alluring
    but camwhore pics only? what abt those who wanna read event coverage post?

  • joy – ern, idk. sorry.

    tracy – thankiew! :)

    casley – thankiew!! ^^

    biopolymath – ahh. then i have to say i’m sorry. i failed to do so. :(

  • super love your lips! *cherry cherry*
    and love your makeup! and as usual, hotness :P

  • freda – aww. thankiew thankiew! heh! ♥

  • i love your make up, you should post up more tutorial for ppl like me who know nuts about make up. =)

  • kelly – aww! thankiew! alright, will do one if possible yea! =)

  • Nice photos! Love all these themed nights back in high school. :)

  • 不好意思,我是nuffnang的初学者,有东西想问你,我刚刚cashout了钱,

  • huaibin – huaibinnnnnn, i am in UNI already!! T.T

    christine – yes, just wait, and the cheque will reach your door step very soon. :) heh!

  • hey, would like to know where you got ur gloves from?? thanks so much…=)

  • biopolymath – ahhh, aussie, i really dont know if it’s available there. :( try to walk around the groceries store, maybe you will find some there?

    theresa – i got in from asia avenue, sunway, :)

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