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some awful photos from last week’s LG Cookie Party.
& this is the deformed face of mine that freak baby out.


adeelechow, my partner in crime.


her part time job, is a camwhorer.


some other monster i met…



simon seow.




The best part of the night was during the performance by the gorgeous wonder girl nuffies.
& when the wonder nuffies stand beside us, we look even worst. gosh, that piece of misshapen dirty face. ugh!

this is our very nice, Michelle.


things got even worst, when the monsters got hungry and went makan.
cause, their lips look like swollen one now. *close eyes*


deformed faces vs the angelic face of the sweetie pie, Jestina.


ok, that’s all.
i am afraid that you people would not come back again if you got to see more of it. FML.


Pictures are taken using the Sony Cybershot TX-5


  • really think you are brave to go out with the make up. Sincerely, not being sarcastic. *salute*

  • kelly – it will be quite tough if i do it alone, but thing is better when i have adele with me. heh! thankiew, anyway!

  • haha!match with theme wad.
    you are a successful monster! *rah rah ah ah ah* :D

  • Freaky makeup!
    Hey, do you by any chance be studying at Sunway U? Cos, I think passed by and saw you, if I’m not mistaken, on Wednesday. lol
    And yeah, a friend recommended me to reading your blog. :) you got yourself a reg reader. :)

  • freda – haha! thankiew leh!! ^^ rawrrrrr!

    eve – ern, i am studying at UTAR, but i am always in Sunway, but if you say it’s a wed, then i dont think so it’s me. :p heh! thanks, and do come back agaim. :)

  • Arrghhhh..please help cookie monster in radar… thehehe

    It’s been while didn’t log to your blog and so shock looking at your pictha…anyway, understood after all what has happened…:respect:

    Happy Studying! :P

  • kimie – ahh, means the make up succeeded! heh! thankiew thankiew!

  • Wah, I look thin lol.

  • simon – happy eh! heh!!

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