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Paramore Live

exams drive me nuts. they gave me heavy eye bags and heaps on acne too, ahh, have burning midnight oil since a week ago. pfft! & oops, forgive me with the lack of proper updates. i promise, i will be good again right after my finals.

anyhoo, on a happier notes, my sweethearts , shinyee and adelechow have been planning for my sem break holiday. we’ll be going for manicures, massaging session, movies and maybe, random hair wash session. i know right, i am still having my exam, and it will only ends next saturday. bad thoughts, bad thoughts.

also, have been going on double dates so frequent, with different pairs of couple.
& i will be doing it again with shinyee and waichun right after my exam.


we’ll be going for the PARAMORE LIVE IN KUALA LUMPUR, babeh!!
the best thing is that we all have the rock zone tickets.

not exactly a big big fans of them, but, i do love their songs a lot, and like what, i have got most of their songs in my Ipod Touch playlist. hmmm.


Date: 19 October 2010 (Tuesday)
Time: 8.30 pm
Venue: National Stadium Bukit Jalil


Come to think of it, I had never go to any concert with my love one, together with my bestfriends. i’m really looking forward for it! A big big thanks to Tune Talk because they made Paramore Live right here in Kuala Lumpur possible! heh!

& can you believe that i actually charged my camera battery (like now) and started waiting for the day to come? I couldn’t believe it myself, fml. i should stop right here, and get back to my studies.

bye, lovelies!
p.s. – all images are grabbed from shinyeee‘s page. *winkkkk


  • you get the tickets foc?
    how you get it :)

  • you get the tickets foc?
    how you get it :)

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