Korean Grapes

went grocery shopping with lil sister and mummy this morning. many dislikes grocery shopping, guess i am one of the few who grocery shopping heaps. I truly adore spending my Sunday mornings at the grocery store with my family. i love how i get to pick my favorite goods from the shelves and drop it into the trolley. it’s a exploration of new food and new household gadgets! i am amazed myself that i can actually push a trolley all around for hours and still remain in the joyous mood. **bigwidesmile

&, today, i discovered the KOREAN GRAPES.
sales person:” these grapes taste like real wine! & instead of peeling off the skin, you squeeze it to extract!”

call me jakoon, but hell, i had never seen/heard of these before, SHIT!

unlike the normal one, these are packed and weighed.
rm8.90 (u.p. rm12.90) for 500gm +/-  of these sweethearts.

quite costly, still, mummy bought it because we really don’t want to miss this out as we are all fruits addict.


had the grapes chilled before consuming.


i hate grapes that contain seeds, but, not this one.
this is even easier to consume in compared to the normal seedless grapes!


step 1: hold the grape between your thumb and forefinger. put it into the mouth, suck it a lil!
step 2: then squeeze it gently, you will see it slowly slip of its skin.
step 3: & then, pop! it’s discarded from its skin. (&, it’s now in your mouth! heh!) ^^


it really does taste like wine, or more like grapes flavored gummies as its texture is much more gooey/QQ. i love the wine-ish fragrance and the unique texture of these grapes! awesome!


Korean Grape is deffos something new for me today! :) oh, & i heard it’s seasonal, grabbed it before you missed out these godly babies!

p.s. – i got these from Carrefour, Subang.



  • You know wearing geo lenses all the time is not good for eyes?

  • wow these grapes must be amazing! too bad I’m not at the right place to try it, I doubt if it’s available in Aussieland…

  • can i eat with the skin on?

  • rei – the skin is quite thick to eat eh.

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