it was B’s night.

went 8 days together with adelechow, ameliaang, and natasha to get our hair done in order to look “superbly hot professional”. you never know how much your hair can affect your image. *winkkk.

i didn’t know what to do to my hair, and so i chose to trust my hairstylist.
I actually allowed him do whatsoever to my hair, just that, he have to make sure that i gonna look good (which means smtg that make my fat face smaller -.-)


all set.

i love the curls half curls. &, make up was fine too.
basically, everything was good.




we reached JW Marriott, Putrajaya, finally.
we were late for bout 1 hr, SHIT!

“where everything happens for a reason”


the guys at the back row.


& us girls, in front.
the 2 angels in my life, life would be real tough w/o ’em.


my bestfriend, my sister, and my mom teacher. heh!


congratulations, for that great achievement.


break time:

my precious one.


us girls, and the very cute bimbo boss, amelia!



arman, amelia, & sianglong.
SHIT, i have no idea how i look so much tanner than all of ’em. *smack forehead


adele said, “you have to sacrifice who you are to be what you WANNA be.”
and amelia told me, “let ’em know you are not the blogger that they know, you are more than that.”

i just gave up something i really like and wanted to do yesterday night, but well, i had already pulled the trigger. I will do my very best, to make sure that i’d not regret later on!


i’ve got smooches. heh!

one thing is that ,i promise, no matter how busy i got, i will always remember what’s my priority, & what’s that behind that kept me motivated all these while.



  • tzia, there’s so many hidden meanings in this post. T.T but I feel a little.. sad, duno why >_<

  • hey love you eyes! what lens are you wearing?

  • jilian – i was a lil tad moody when i wrote this. but well, it’s all fine now. :)

    janice – geo lens. super nudy grey! love it max!

  • nice!!!…..but why this year no story on halloween parties?

  • amat – haha, why holloween, you celebrated it over there?

  • gorgeous :)

    and love the last sentence max. anyway,from you tweets,you like very sad and moody recently. cheer up :)

  • tziaa babe, i love the way u line your eyes…may i know what eyeliner you use which is good and lasting~im having complications with eyeliner products~

  • hey tzia, cheer up yea, things will get better soon. Take care!

  • what event was this? :)

  • You look gorgeous with you curls :) Heehee. Smile always :D

  • Hey..I have heard my friend mentioned about this event. But I wonder how it works..I even heard my friend said somebody even earned up to 5 figure in just 3 weeks! Amazing. Maybe you can share with us? :)

  • freda – heh! thanks sweetie. *smileeeee

    stef – i was using my friend’s maybeline liquid eyeliner that night. it’s real good though, i like it!

    lizzy – yup! thanks yea! =p

    haley – some recognition dinner.

    vincci – hello! thanks, babe! **bigwidesmile

    gg – haha. it was indeed one hebat event!

  • Hey. (: Do you know where can I get cute / pretty accessories (necklace / bracelets)? (:

  • anon – ern, i am not an accessories person. i couldnt really help much when it comes to this. forever21, perhaps?

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