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remember i blogged bout me going for a mag shoot ?

yes, thanks to Nuffnang, I was lucky enough to be selected as one  Top 10 bloggers of FACES magazine’s November issue together with the 9 others ( Niki Cheong , Ming, Joyce, Cindy, Proudduck, Zainal, Cheng Leong, Hanis, & Kim)

&, it’s now OUT!!


i don’t know how on earth i am able to get into the list. but, i am obviously happy with it.
so here’s my mickey’s shoot.

apparently, this primary pic they chose for me is a 100% candid. -.-
like, yea. natural much?


my face on a credit card? heh.


the awesomely pro hair stylists and make up artists who dolled me up for the shoot!
love ’em max!


that’s all for now.

p.s. – go grab your copies today!


  • hey pretty ,
    Wat camera/semi pro .dslr U usually using now ? :)

  • Congratulations girl :D
    Teehee. I’ll go & get the magazine now to read bout what you wrote :)

  • Wow!
    Congratz!!! :)

  • you are so lucky tzia! hope your popularity lasts forever! i support you <3

  • you got selected b/c you’re the wheat, but there’s so much wheat outta there and the silo is not big enough…..

  • hannah – Canon G10. :)

    vincci – aww, thanks for supporting ♥

    tracy – thanks girl! ♥

    yune – aww. thankiew babe! send lovess :)

    biopolymath – ugh? how does it relates to silo and wheat?

  • i’m using a metaphor here. wheat means good stuff.

  • biopolymath – o.O okayyyyyyy.

  • “super cute tziaaa” this is so true!! :P
    hee, congrats girl ! :)

    support you :3

  • freda – aww, you are always this sweet!! :3

  • wah bangga lah :)

  • ken – mana ada bangga. haha.

  • congratulations! u indeed deserve to be in it ^_^

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