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darlie all shiny white

Was browsing through my photo album, looking for a photo of me with big wide smile & saw this photo of me and couzzie. & this photo actually made us won the title of Most Beautiful Smile. Ever since then, there’s auntie uncle questioning about how I managed to keep my teeth white and shiny.

**smile bravely to the world! Yeay!


The “secret” behind my shiny white teeth is that daddy mummy made me learn the habit of brushing my teeth every time before I go to bed and after I woke up from my beauty sleep ever since I am real young. What tooth paste I am using? I believe, most of the kids love tooth paste that come with strawberry or orange flavor with chio animals printing on its packaging, but, the odd me had never like it, I think it tastes real weird, just, I never like those. For me, I am a Darlie supporter since young. I love how Darlie tastes, so fresh!

I still remember, there’s this one day, when mummy first bought us the New Darlie all shiny white range toothpaste. Sister and I got so eager to tried it out; we went straight to brush our teeth. & because it tastes damm cool and leave a light mint taste in your mouth after brushing, we got addicted instantly, and we actually brushed our teeth more than 3 times that day. -.- I know right, damm jakoon, but, it’s seriously freaking refreshing & tastes sensational! I am not exaggerating! Another plus point is that we can actually see the whitening effect after using it just for a few days.


so yea, here goes my all time favorite toothpaste : Darlie all shiny white

& I wonder do you all still remember the 14 days white date contest I did?

The one that you get yourself register and tell them about yourself, then, get ready for your white date! It was a game where we, girls imagine it as the first time we are going on date with our prince charming.

Anyhoo, this time the white mission is no longer our girly princess game. It’s now a super cool mining game! We will now need to compete with the guys to win those awesome!

I want to go to Mount Fuji….. *bigwateryeyes

all you need to do is Login to all shiny white, click on the white mission contest, then, start mining!

Upload your pretty photo!
my “false teeth” did not FIT properly. fml.

All you need to do is plot the helicopter and collect mineral salts from the sea bed. Yes, it’s easy as that!

I played, like, obviously.
& my overall ranking is 4th. I will keep trying until I get the 1st place!

my friend, Amelia, once said:” haha since dumb blonde can play. I won’t doubt myself now hahaha.”
damm wtf, but, hmmm, action speaks louder than words. Come, challenge me! ngek!



  • went to brush my teeth after reading your post xD I agree with you~I dun like the Lion toothpaste when I was young as well~prefer Hei ren ya gao :)

  • Hey tziaa, can I knw how high are ur eyes power?

  • christine – -2.00 :)

  • june – i wonder why will people ever like those medicine-taste-alike toothpaste! heh!

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