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I am so terribly sorry, I know I have been missing in action so frequently these day. i didn’t want it to be like this, really. *bigwateryeyes* it’s just, i am packed with too many things lately. it’s 3am now, i am dead tired, my eye lids are crazily heaving, but i am here typing… *yawnnnnn

so yea, here goes an update that summarized whatever i have been doing lately.


it was 28.10.2010.
& it was her birthday.


yes, it was my lil princess’s birthday.

happy birthday my dearest! i am really proud to have you as my sister, and i always think i must have did something real great in my past life to have you now. you might be dumb at times, but you’re adorable just like that. you might sulk at times, but you are sweet most of the time. you might be rebellious at time, but you are most of the time obedient.

ILY, and wish you all the best for whatever you are in.



pinchos, changkat. Hoegarden.



set yourself on fire, add some “UMPH”, and there we go to chase our dreams.


a chillax session after quite some time.


oh, camwhorer.

it’s an addiction.
so do we need go for rehabs?

ladies of the night: syg shinyeee, syg adelechow, bimbo ameliaang, dumbblonde natasya and, me!


the awesome people in life.



oopsie dossie, someone is one year older now!
yesh, bimbo amelia is now 19!

Happy birthday, bimbo!


celebrated her birthday party at sunway villa, crazy night.

so noisy, that we got complains.
& Laine actually uses this to GOTCHA the birthday girl on the next day. yes, i mean Hitz.fm gotcha call. heh!


bimbo amelia’s surprise birthday dinner @ Delicious, Bangsar.
we cracked our mind thinking what to write on the cake to make sure she will laugh after seeing it.

we then decided on..
“happy birthday “SUPER SKINNY” amelia” HEH!

&, she laughed when she saw. *succeeded
“it’s all about strategy!”


girly girly camwhore session.
w/ laine, ameliaang, adelechow, natasya, & shinyeee.

we had heaps of fun taking photos and tweetjaking that night. everything was great.


the guys.
shit, no one is looking over here.

okay, baby is… *xoxo


no photos on food.
because we were to busy crapping and eating.


okay, here’s one photo of the duck spaghetti.

& this is Laine, she eat damm slow, haha! we had all finished our meal 37468234628382 years ago, and she’s still slowly nomming her’s! haha!

oh, & she now has tweeter. we pressured her till she get one. haha!
search for jlaine91 to find her. *winkssss


my precious one.



dinner date on the other night with baby.
was craving for Japanese food real badly, & so we ended up at @ Jyu Raku, ss15!

my baby is this cute!!!


ahh, *pinchpinch!!


my fav.


teriyaki salmon.


teriyaki chicken? shit, i’ve forgotten the name!
all i know is that it’s all good. slurrrpsss!



that’s all for now.

i need to go to  have some sleep now or i will not be able to stand the hectic schedule tomorrow. good night, lovelies.



  • seems you are enjoying your life :)
    cheer up tzia! support you *winkssss*

  • Great great !

  • freda – thank you! sugarsss!

  • Hi, the dress in the last picture is very nice, where is it from?

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