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emotions have been running wild these days. and one definite thing i would do when my life got me down, other than shopping, it would be changing my hairstyle.

yes, i have been bullshitting bout my sudden change, i said it’s because i am sick of my long boring hair.

truth is, i was pretty obsessed over my long hair though it’s in a terrible condition with lots of splits and flyaway, but somehow, this time, i just couldn’t resist the urge to chop it off. i know, i need a change.


woke up early in the morning that day, went straight to the saloon and had my hair chopped off. T____T long story short, yes, i finally have the courage to chop off my long flowing hair after so long. so, how is it?

p.s. – went to kimmarie for cut and wash, and it’s only rm25. i thought it gonna be a ripoff because i chopped off so much of my hair.

“Now we’ve got Rapunzel, she’s chilling in the tower,
waiting for the handsome prince,
she’s sapped of all her power.
Finally, one day, the handsome prince in town
called up to Rapunzel, ‘Yo girl, let it down!’
But our dear Rapunzel was nowhere to be seen,
yes our dear Rapunzel had learned something keen:
‘All that time alone kinda taught me how to cope,
so I shaved my head and I made me a rope!’
” -Alix Olson, Eve’s Mouth


hello, justine.♥

have been travelling so much these days.

that day…

kepong –> midvalley –> pavillion –> srihartamas –> centerpoint –> srihartamas –> sunway

i ♥ pavillion’s mirror.

meet emelie. (:

my usual spot, STARBUCKS.
egg mayo sandwich for brunch almost everyday.


Tried out the pearl milk tea which everyone’s been talking & blogging about it.

GONGCHA’s pearl milk tea.

then, CHATIME’s pearl milk tea for the very first time.
yes, both on the same day. awesome much.

Their pearls are equally addictive.

but, chatime vs gongcha.
i preferred the later.

Gongcha is ♥.

cheers. ♥


  • Hey Tziaa,
    ur previous blog mentioned u wanna chop it off, den the next day u really went for the change (I saw ur tweet the next day). Cool!

    After that I’ve been telling myself, you so decisive and have the guts to do so(i think u love ur long hair so much…),I gonna be like u, should not think too much to make a change. (I unable to make my decisive to chop my long hair for 2weeks :S)
    Guess what, i went to saloon and chopped it the next 2 days.

    I’m here to thank you. Ur decisive style give me the guts and courage to do so. :D (coz i love long hair, very much)
    & your hair, looks very nice, really…
    but i think gonna take times to blow it til so nicely right?

    Chatime pearl is so nice!
    Very “dionk dionk” feel :P
    hehe, never try GongCha, should try it someday. :)

  • I think you look amazing in short hair!! <3

  • may i know where’s the saloon?

  • Looks better and younger.

  • Hey, you look good with short hair :)

  • I have been reading your blog =) and come to know that you own an iPhone 4.
    We’re selling really cute iPhone 4 screen protectors! Come have a look, you might be interested :)

    Happy blogging :)

  • tracy – aww. <3 photo photo! heh! so, had you try gongcha? i am addicted to it weih.

    jovis - thank you!! (:

    yan - taipan usj. (:

    passerby - heh! thanks!

    xiaopei - thanks. (:

  • hehe. mine 1 of coz not as nice as you.
    i planned to cut until your length, but the hairstylist told me it will curve :x, den result end up i cut even shorter than your length.
    hm, havent try gongcha. actually i dont know where can i get gongcha. haha

  • hey, do you know what’s ur hair stylist’s name or was it some random one? ><

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