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21st B I R T H D A Y

Finally, a celebration with the beloved family.

Macaroons birthday cake is love! ♥

Was having my birthday lunch with him & his family at Ole ole Bali (oops, no photos because I forgotten about my camera), then, he joined me for my birthday cake session.

Outfit of the night.
Dorothy Perkins lace dress, Fiorucci flats, with light make up.

My baby sister!
She said she looks like the giraffe from Madagascar here. Cute!

Dinner at Marche.
How much I miss this place, it has been awhile since the last time!

Their motto, “Eat in a colorful market like atmosphere.

Creamy Potatoes Soup as starter! Slurpsss!
Thick yet unexpectedly smooth.

Grilled Chicken Chop w/ strawberries and mushroom sauce.
Very well marinated, well, it has never been bad.

My super lovely daddy and mummy! ♥

Us w/ chicken pineapple pizza.
heavy chicken toppings with fresh pineapple! Juicy goodness.

Margarita pizza.
chewy chewy cheese, ahh, orgasmic!

Buttery and lightly salted, satisfaction derived.

Chicken spaghetti w/ cream sauce.
This was just so so to me, not THAT bad, but it wasnt good.

Foot long chicken sausage.
Big and tasty!

Everyone has been telling that she’s has grown up to a pretty young lady.
But to me, she’s forever the cute lil baby. ♥

My brother. He got cooler and cooler. hmmm.

heaven melon juice.
one word, FRESH!

Bundaberg Peach Peachee Soda is made from the finest natural ingredients such as real pear nectar.
It’s light, not too sweet. Very refreshing!

Chocolate mousse.

I enjoyed my meal, it was a pleasant one.
Thank you daddy mummy for the good night.

Daddy Mummy, I may have misunderstood you and your intentions when I was much younger. But now I know that everything you did was for my own good. i would like to apologize for all my wrong doings on my past 21 years. Thank you for bringing me into the family. Thank you, for being such a understanding parents.

Thank you, mummy and daddy. You gave me homesickness through my heart whenever I remember how I was pampered and loved. I really thank you you all for supporting me and believing in me in whatever I do.

You both have been giving me unconditional love and strive so hard to make sure I live a comfort life for the past 21 years. Mom, dad, now that I have turn 21. I want to have the best for you both. I love you! ♥

21st birthday present from beloved daddy mummy.♥
It is definitely the prettiest gold key I have ever seen. Thank you, alot!

Mickey gold ring from baby sister. Lovessss! ♥

Another pretty necklace from him.
Thank you for the effort, I really like it! ♥

Cupcakes, birthday lunch and angpau from his mom.
Thank you, auntie. Thank you for a good day! ♥

I am blessed to have these people in my life. I know.
Hello 21st, I gonna make you the best year!

Cheers! ♥


  • Happy Belated Birthday pretty ~
    Wish you all the best & may Lady Luck always by your side..
    Stay healthy & happy always ^ ^

  • Ur dad is a Portsmouth fans? WOW! Hey Happy Belated Birthday to u girl! ;)

  • sadonna – thank you (:

    shengyi – nola, he got all those jersey de. haha. thanks anyway! :p

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