21st F I N E dine


It was my big day, I turned 21.
sadly, it was a weekday and daddy was at work, and so the two loves, Adele & Amelia brought me out for my birthday dinner instead.

They did not mentioned a single word on where we’re heading too.

All they said was..
“tziaaa, dressed up! we’re bringing you for dinner at KL.”

dolled up.

Adele came pick me up, and we stopped at Changkat.
No idea which restaurant yet, but I generally loved the array of restaurants choices in Changkat.

& then, we stepped into FRANGIPANI, the number one french FINE dine restaurant in M’sia.

“Is it your first time here?” asked the waiter.

“Oh, yes.” we were blurred for awhile.

“There is a pond in the middle of the restaurant. Do not step into it.” he replied.

Still blurred until he opened the door, and sitting prominently in the center of the restaurant is an elegant reflecting black pool. The ambience and the whole setting of the restaurant is so classy. I immediately felt a class above.

Sparkles with Bvlgari.

just thought the name is cool so we ordered sparkling instead of distilled water.
regretted on the first sip itself, it tastes just like perrier.

& i never like it.

complimentary bread roll.
pretty decent, crispy outside soft inside.

it was served with a creamy herbed butter that was almost like cheese. yums!

Sturia Aquitaine Caviar
Cold angel hair pasta, creme fraiche and chives.

FINE dining, quality is what that counts.

Pan Seared Foie Gras

Crispy fried pigeon leg, Potaties Mousseline and Duck Glaze.
The seared crispy outside and tender inside pan seared foie gras is really a love.

It’s my first time trying, and all i know is that it’s tasty.
Till i found out about the inhumane forced bird feedings shit, i guess it will definitely stop me from this the next time.

Dark Valrhona chocolate ganache with crème chantilly, candied hazelnuts, toasted almonds and French meringue.

their signature desserts, its tastes heavenly good!

yes, it’s super sinful, but trust me you can never resist the melt-in-the-mouth feel! you gotta love this!

Dinner like this will not be complete without wine.

Bollinger Maison fondée en 1829 Aÿ
It opens with a fresh and citrus-influenced zestiness.

I didnt really like it at the first sip, but slowly, i fell in love with it.

fine wine, pleasures of life.


introducing the gorgeous ameliaang.

a bottle of wine for the 3 of us.
it really got us a lil tad tipsy.

however, that didnt stop us from our vainity.
washroom break. photo time.

how sweet.

plain vain.

more camwhores.

she didnt want this to be up here.
but i didnt want to waste such a pretty photo, it was one of my fav photo that night.

I truly enjoyed our dining experience here, what’s more with such good companions.
Our bill came up to near rm700.


Food: 7/10 – i gotta say portion is really a lil too FINE, but taste wise it was all good.
Service: 8/10 – willingly take photos for us and allowed us to stay so much longer after they closed.
Ambience: 9/10 – superb!

Thank you the two loves for the dinner. I really love it. ♥

oh, that’s Adele on the left. she was busy with her phone before that.
no worries, many faces of her below. heh!

we moved out to the bar area around 1am.
had a glass of Stella Artois.

in case you are interested…

Frangipani Restaurant & Bar
25 Changkat Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur.

Open on –
Tuesday to Sunday
Dinner 7.30pm. Last orders are 10.30pm.

Next, we headed to NEVERMINE, it’s yours.

we were cravings for more champagne.
Adele & Amelia then ordered a bottle of Moët & Chandon for me.

and the bill came up to a total or near rm450. -.-

hoho! pop the bubbly and get tipsy with Moet.

I have a confession to make, I love Moët & Chandon ♥.
Somehow, we love the feeling of being tipsy, & MOET hits you when it’s too late.

The before photos..
us posing with the Moët & Chandon

adele already turned into a cute red tomato! *giggles

get tipsy, stays classy. ♥

i truly hearts a total classy girls night out like this. it’s LOVE!♥

started to get a lil more tipsy.

wth. PROVED!

Tipsy, but we are not done yet.
there’s another after party. but, i guess i will leave that for next time.

I enjoyed my night so much. Thank you, both of you, Adele & Amelia.

I am blessed for having you girls in my life. Met Adele 6 years back, and Amelia almost 2 years ago. Back then, I was so naive that I have no idea what this world is all about. Met them, i learned what’s appreciation and what’s sincerity. I am thought to be responsible and independent. I am often a disappointment but Thank God they had never give up on me, constantly guiding me and loving me. Praise the Lord for the two angels in my life. I will not be who I am today if it weren’t them. I love both of you heaps. Thank you, for everything.♥

Lastly, birthday gift from the girls.
Louis Vuitton bandeau leo marron.

Till then.♥


  • Fraginpani… Missed the place so much. Was there in 2008 as part of the Bacardi Martini event for the national finals of the cocktail competition. The bar was fantastic.

    Met the chef and owner of the restaurant and explain the method of Foie Gras and that makes up my mind of not having any of it in my life…

    Laslty, happy belated birthday to you… Cheers!!!

  • Kelvinleng – it was my first time there and fell in love instantly. i only know the method of foie gras when my mom explained to me after dinner. regretted much. Thank you! (:

  • Happy Belated Birthday..

  • Kelvinchow – thank you. (:

  • Super love your outfit for the night! <3

  • angelicjin – thank you babe. <3

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