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Redang Day1

merang jeti… heading to REDANG ISLAND! YAY! ♥
hello, sun and beach. away from the busy KL city for a much needed beach vacation with family.

shame to say, as a MALAYSIAN, this is my first time to Redang Island.
have been talking about Redang Trip since years ago. however it has always remain as a plan, till now.

boat ride.
everyone look so EXCITED!!

Daddy, Mummy, Brother, Granny.

my beautiful mummy.
if she has facebook, this will be the profile photo. heh!

lil sister.

After about 30minutes of smooth ride, we arrived.

brother w/ the clear blue sea at the back.
*sneak peek on the breathtaking scenery*

we were all hungry, had our brunch at the cafeteria.
food was just ok, but it tastes heavenly good that time because we were too hungry!

& then, got all ready for the BEACH!!

The beach.
OH! crystal clear blue waters, sandy white beaches, and sunshine all-day-long!!!

so beautiful, so breathtaking, it felt surreal.

for the first time, i actually enjoy the feeling of sun kissing my cheeks.

soaking ourself in the pristine sea water.

all of a sudden, i felt like mermaid having all the fishes swimming around me.

this is love. ♥
& this is how is feels to swim around in a pimped and overfed fish tank.

i amazed by the visibility along the shore line.

convinced mummy to change into swim-wear & join us.

happy mother-daughter.♥
i love the smile on their face. (:

persuaded granny to join the fun too.

daddy was all around looking after us.
he is always worried, as usual. heh. ♥

next, snorkeling.
equipped with masks, snorkel, & life jacket.

to venture further, we travelled by boat.

getting down to the sea!

our first time doing snorkeling.

I used to see corals & marine fishes in the fish tank at home.
But definitely first time seeing all these in the sea. ♥

sea cucumber yo!

it was a short session on the first day.
but it was really fun, tiring too. *no stamina*

got back, showered.
& had an evening walk along the beach.

went More-more Tea Inn.

The More More Tea Inn was used as the main location for a Hong Kong movie named ‘SUMMER HOLIDAY’ 夏日麽麽茶. It is now a souvenirs shop. Love the colors heaps.

I am in love with the hammocks tied to the coconut trees facing the beach.
At night, all of us laid in the hammock, swinging a lil, enjoying the sea breeze.

so peaceful. ♥

that’s all on the first day.
stay tune for day two.

cheers! ♥


  • looking great tzia ;)

  • No need to be ashame if u never been to Redang…me as hotelier also never been there..really like the clear water…much more clearer than what i see in my current workplace…

  • A place that I always wanted to go but there’s no fate nor chance to pay a visit.
    Still the great scenery the crowds there!

  • hayden – thank you! (:

    kelvin leng – haha. i am amazed too, never expect it to be so clear.

    jesper – go go go! you will love it!

  • how good if i can get a gang now. most of them already been there!

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