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Goodbye, scars!

I constantly have problems with acnes, blackheads, dehydrated, etc since 1 year back. But lucky me i had always been given products to do review and all those helped so much. However, previously, it wasnt SO bad, as they only appear on my forehead. However, things got worst few months back.

I started to get breakouts on my cheeks, & they left ugly scars.
That is the worst nightmare I ever had.

My friend then introduce me to Miyome. It was magical.

My whole face got brighter, in fact, it turns white. My enlarged pores are tightened, scars are lightened, and everything went so well within just 1 month. I heard so many bad review on Miyome saying that it contains mercury, it can cause cancer and all but i was too desperate, & it was my only hope. When my skin got better, i stopped when i finished up the first bottle. & then, things started to change. My face became more sensitive and my breakouts got worst. I was devastated.

I was in denial mode for few months. Until Amelia told me that make up is just temporarily. I need a solution. I go for facial, i buy all sort for branded face care but none make a big difference.

Amelia then became my beauty consultant.
She introduced me to Oasis De Beauty. She complimented this beauty saloon so much, but i still doubted. Because my skin is one of a kind that, nothing seems to heal my awful skin completely.

I stepped in. The homey feeling caught me.
I am attracted to how that place make me feel as if I am at home.

I had a long chat with the lady boss.
& she was so confident that my face will be just fine.

She suggested me to take up the Lactic Plus Peel treatement.

This advanced, ultimate-strength peel contains organic lactic acid, enhanced by pumpkin fruit enzymes and stimulating pomegrante to provide a powerful surface peeling of dulling skin cells. This peel will dramatically improve dull, lifeless and rough-textured skin, and can be customized to meet the level of exfoliation that your skin needs with amazing results, and no down-time. Your skin will feel smooth and retexturized, with a brighter, more even overall tone.

The dimmed treatment room.

removing the make up on my face.
& double cleansed.

my naked face.

No visible huge ass pimples.
Major problems: VERY dehydrated skin, acne scars, dull & uneven skin tone.

All these small little things can make your confident drop so much. Because with all these, its IMPOSSIBLE to walk out of the house without make up on.

Face scrub. Leave for 10-15 minutes with hot steams.

Next. Bioelements Lactic Plus Peel is applied.
This is the heart of the whole treatment.

left it for 5 mins of hot steam. Warm and tingling sensation experienced. But no major discomfort.

Lactic plus peel is a technique to cause dead skin to peel off allowing new and smoother skin to resurface to improve the texture of the skin. There is different strength of acid used, from mild to strong depending on several factors including the skin concern, skin type and age. For many years, this treatment has been used not only to remove acne scars but for other skin concerns such as blemishes, discolorations, wrinkles and dark spots.

Follow by Blackheads/Whiteheads extraction process.
Surprisingly this doesnt hurt a lot.

Then, my face was sterilized by using a special equipment kill bacterias after the extractions.

Face massages. The is what i love most throughout the whole treatment.
I even fall asleep during it. (:

To soothes skin and minimize redness after extractions and lactic plus peel, mask is applied.
Mixture of 3 different enzymes. then, topped up with another cooling mask to doubled the soothing effect.

The session end with toning and gentle massage.
My face is mild reddish after the treatment and I got to avoid the sun exposure for days. Also need to keep my face hydrated as it is rather dry for awhile after the treatment.

The treatment is rm270. It’s a lil more costly in compared.

But it’s definitely worth as you will see instant result after the first treatment. & I am assured that there will not be any side effect or cause any harm to the skin. I was really paranoid and so I checked everything before I accept the treatment.

Bioelements is a professional also a trusted skin care products in U.S. designed for the treatment room, and used at home for over 20 years.

I got to say.. I love love love the glass bottle!
Glass skin care packaging helps ensure freshness and product performance.

A few of their products that I am using right now.

Make up Dissolver Perfected.
Removes all traces of make up include water resistant formulas. May be use over entire face to remove make up before cleansing.

For me, i use it only for the eyes as my skin is quiet sensitive and i feel a lil stinging on the face. As for eyes area, its all fine. Effectively removed all stubborn water resistant make up.

Decongestant Cleanser. Cleanse skin AM & PM.

Lathering gel cleanser thoroughly foams away pore-clogging dirt, makeup and excess oils leaving your skin squeaky clean.

This is one of the product in line that I love the most.
Your face feel so clean after washing, and when it dried up it feels powdery smooth.

Tone – Equalizer Spritz on skin after cleansing.
Alcohol free toner. It is laced with chinese herbs, chamomile extract and aromatherapist oils to hydrate and tone just cleansed skin.

I am never a big fan of toner. But it is somehow a MUST.
& this is a non-stinging formula.

I guess if there’s no discomfort means it’s good. that’s for me, because i have a rather sensitive skin.

Moisture – Beyond Hydration Apply to face an neck every AM after equalizer.

100% oil free hydrating gel.

Because it is gel. It is very comforting to wear, refreshing and non-greasy, it wont clog pores or cause breakouts.

Exfoliate – Measured Micrograins. Use one to three times a week. Apply to wet skin avoiding eye area, and gently massage. Rinse!

Micro-granules cushioned in a base of a soothing oats and cleansing clay gently remove dead cells, & what i love most is that it does not hurt my skin and worsen my scars, instead, leaving skin bright and radiant!

Here’s two photos of my naked face without photoshop.

My honest verdict: ♥

This is my day 2 after treatment. My acnes are less active now. Skin is tighter and slightly brighter, scars faded off a little. & there is a moderate peeling of the skin right now, not so visible though. This is the first treatment & I am satisfied. I am looking forward for the following one, and to my scar-free skin. My confident level boosted a lil.

Product wise I was using it with a doubtful heart because it does not smells as nice as all my previous product. It’s only day 2 I cannot give any comment yet but no major discomfort or any side effects. Also, for now I am very comfortable with it. No major improvement yet but I can see the slight change on then skin texture.

My scar marked that improved and lightened over the past 3 days. I would say it is quiet unbelievable.

I would say, I am satisfied with the results, in fact, i love it.
Yes, there’s still some light acne scars, but i remind myself again that this is not magic. It takes time to recover. I would be real scared if it does happened overnight, who knows what sort of chemicals is poured on my face.

Just, i am glad.

If you are just like me, bothered by stubborn scars. You can look out for them too, and i promise that you will not be disappointed.

You can visit them at:

Oasis De Beuaty
No.22A, Jalan SS15/4D, Subang Jaya,
47500 Selangor, Selangor, Malaysia.

Or, call them at:
03-5635 6204

As for me, I am definitely looking forward for the second treatment! ♥


  • thank you for sharing your amazing ‘adious scar’ experience!

  • jocelyn – just a good experience of mine, you are most welcome. (:

  • bit expensive than i expected. do they have branches in other states?

  • Jesper – as far as I know only at ss15 (: it’s worth it!!!

  • too bad I’m not station in KL. but nvm, enjoy with it girl!

  • hi there. How much is the hydrating gel? I’m looking for one, quite difficult to get gel form moisturizer.

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