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最近我的一個女朋友失戀了,成天以淚洗臉,做什麼事都提不起勁,更別說要她笑一笑了。這讓我忽然有很多感觸。我告訴她,笑一個吧,不笑會很醜。想說,這個年齡的我們,總會覺得戀愛大過天。失戀了就變得很邋遢。~(>_<~) 不懂何時開始,我答應自己。無論如何都要做個美麗的女人,要好好的善待唯一的自己。心情不好,就歇一歇;不可以墜落,依然要優雅的善待自己。不快樂,更要微笑,不是要戴上面具,只因為不快樂只會讓自己看起來更糟糕,完完全全的暴露自己的無能。 “即使自己不那么快乐,也依然端庄地微笑,因为我们都需要阳光般的美丽。” 最重要的是我們得記得,還有很多的人在關心我們,在疼惜著我們。(๑′ᴗ‵๑)ⒽⓤⒼ❤






So yea, it’s my daddy’s birthday. They wanted to try Uncle Jang, so there we go! We went to the one in One City (didn’t know there’s one until brother told us).


The forever baby girl in our family. No matter how grown up is she now, she is always the baby girl to us.


& since everyone goes like, “huh, you have a brother?”
yes, I do have. haha.

Alright, F O O D time! (っ˘ڡ˘ς)
Refillable side dishes.

We ordered Dak Galbi; 1 hot spicy (RM22), and 2 normal (RM19/each). It’s basically stir-frying marinated chicken in chili pepper paste sauce, together with cabbage, sweet potato, onions and rice cake on a big hot plate. There say 1 set is enough for 1 person, but believe me, we ordered 3 set, and it’s MORE THAN ENOUGH for the 5 of us.

My dad was like “not bad, not bad, something that I haven’t try before; we can probably start trying new things every week. haha.” & They really didn’t expect it to be that spicy, until the the hot & spicy aroma went all over the place when the stir-frying process begin.

Sam-gye Tang (RM19), I find it just normal. In fact, too normal!

While waiting for it to be completely cooked, say cheese! heh!

We had a good time laughing and downing the refillable water, haha, it’s truly a little too spicy for us. But, undeniably, we had pleasant time. I would say, it’s a fun dinner.ˡºᵛᵉ❤⃛

After dinner, we went over to the Sky Park @ One City. First time there, see through floor yo! haha.

Little sister is fear of height (acrophobia), it took her a lot of courage to take this photo with us. (ღ˘⌣˘)❛ั◡❛ัღ)

Stay there for awhile, we went to the side, took a family photo (requested by my daddy, haha) before we head back. With that, we call it a night, a good night.

Cheers! ❤⃛

(p.s. – July is truly a month of celebration.)

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