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What to eat for lunch?

One of the major problems we face everyday:

What to eat for lunch? We are constantly looking out for something delicious, with a reasonable price (which is hard to find in KL area). & most of the time, we ended up spending longer deciding what to eat than actually eating it. That’s sad.

Lucky enough to know that OLDTOWN has just introduced OLDTOWN White curry & Peanut White Freezy™, in partnership with No.1 White Curry – My Kuali. #OLDTOWNwhitecurry

Remember there’s a craze for MyKuali Penang White Curry Instant Noodle after being reviewed by The Ramen Rater, who ranked it #7 Spiciest Instant Noodles of All Time 2013? Me, myself bought a whole box of these instant noodles during my trip to Penang. & I love it!

It’s a blessing to everyone, especially people like us who’s living in such a hectic lifestyle; OLDTOWN now combines the OLDTOWN’s in-house special soup base and noodles, with MyKuali’s White Curry paste which resulted in a winning combination.

The White Curry Series features a range of five White Curry noodle variants starting from RM 7.90 for a bowl of White Curry Mee. Customers are allowed to choose their noodle combinations from Mee, Meehoon, Macaroni, Pan Mee, and Hor Fun.

Alongside, there is a new drink made available just for the White Curry Series in the form of the Peanut White Freezy™, You will need it after a hot bowl of the White Curry Noodles.

There is also a featured side dish of White Curry Fish Balls (From RM 3.90).

Now, among the many choices of noodles, these are my favorite: ❤ ❤ ❤

White Curry Meehoon, the meehoon soaking up all the flavor of the rich and creamy broth, making it absolutely delicious. It’s less spicy in compared to the MyKuali Penang White Curry Instant Noodle, however, the aroma and the flavor remains. It’s that kind of noodles that everyone will love!

White Curry Macaroni. It added a rather playful dash for the white curry noodle with a little western feeling. This combination will give you a pleasant surprise.

Here goes my favorite among all, White Curry PAN MEE! The noodles in handmade, & only available in OLDTOWN! The texture of the noodles is incomparable, perfect gauge and chew, slurrpssss! Paired it up with the not too spicy not too creamy broth, it’s flavor is top-notch. Satisfaction level, guaranteed, & definitely worth all the calories. Haha!

OLDTOWN White Curry Noodles, became the top list of my lunch option.
It’s so affordable yet delicious.

If you are thinking of trying this tasty noodles, be quick. Because it’s only available for limited time, from 17 November 2014, and will formally end on 31 January 2015, or while stocks last.

Besides, by topping up a RM2 you will get an iced cold white coffee.

For more information, visit their website:

Happy nomming!(≧ڡ≦*)


  • it’s so delicious..yummy..i haven’t go to oldtown for a long time

  • Looks tasty!

  • wah, nice menu to try ^-^

  • Salam kenal saya blogwalking saya ingin menjemput anda berkunjung ke blog saya Jika ada masa follow lah blog saya..

  • dulu kerap gak pi old bila most of the staff can’t even speak malay or english, dah lebih 6 bulan kot tak singgah old town…;

  • wah! very nice ..looking amazing! nuffnang like you blog now.

  • hpmurah2u – time to visit again. (:

    siti – it’s indeed good!

    zumal – yeap! definitely worth trying.

    eyriqazz – try now, i believe they have improved. the outlet i went is pretty decent.

    etuza – thank you. (:

  • The food here looks good! And your blog in pink suits you…love the layout!!

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