3 tips For A Better Sleep Tonight With The Dreamland Mattress


A good night sleep:
– boost your mood;
– banish dark eye circle!;
– benefits your mind, health, & weight! (yes, studies show, “dieters who were well rested lost more fat—56% of their weight loss—than those who were sleep deprived, who lost more muscle mass. Dieters in the study also felt hungrier when they got less sleep.”)

“Adequate sleep is as essential to a woman’s health as eating and exercise. Stop feeling guilty about getting it, “Guess there’s enough reasons for you to sleep well.

Here’s some tips to sleep better tonight!

#1 Make your bed room a haven.

Your bed room needs to be sleep-friendly, which means you need a GOOD MATTRESS.

Believe me, a good mattress makes a world of difference. Hello, please remember we spend an average of 7 -9 hours on our mattress each night. It definitely worth the investment.

I know I needed a new mattress when I do not sleep as well as I used to at home. At one point, I have problem sleeping, and constantly tossing and turning during the night, & wake up with backache, & feeling sleep deprived even when I had an 8 hours’ sleep.

Hence, I changed to Dreamland Chiro Superior 2 mattress a few weeks ago.
I guess that’s one of the best decision made on 2016.

It’s a home-grown mattress brand that pioneered the manufacturing of spring mattresses. After obtaining the patent for Miracoil™ – the world’s most advanced spring system, Dreamland pushed for a mattress that takes care of your back with their Chiro range.

Miracoil is extremely useful in minimizing the effect of your movement on your sleep.
This ensures you have an uninterrupted lastingly-comfortable sleeping experience.

I realize you need a quality sleep, not solely long sleep. And, a good mattress definitely affects your sleep quality! It pretty much explained when on times when I do not have sufficient time to sleep, I still feel recharged even by just a short nap on this mattress.

I love how my new Dreamland mattress makes me sleep so well.
Sleep smart, people.

Not just that, the Chiro Superior 2 is knitted with certified bacteria-free protection and made with high density foam for increased back support when combined with Miracoil. As I do exercise regularly, I feel that spine comfort and support is very important when I lie down and Dreamland’s mattress offers me exactly that. This new mattress never fails to amaze me how well rested I am when I wake up as compared to my old one. Yes, I sure do feel like I am floating on air!

Goodbye insomnia, I am actually looking forward for bedtime these days.
Sleeping in a little earlier, and start the next day feeling refreshed & recharged.

if you need a good mattress that is comfortable & supports well, do check out

#2 Exercise regularly

“The human body uses sleep to repair and recover. If there isn’t much from which to recover, your body’s sleep cycle could be disrupted.
You need to move enough, to enjoy a better sleep.

I started exercising/working out more often these months, and it has truly helps me to fall asleep faster and enjoy deeper sleep.

If you do not have time to hit the gym, starts with taking the stairs instead of the lift. All these small little physical movement helps.

Note: complete your exercise 2-3 hours before sleep, to avoid your body revved up, and have a most restful sleep.

#3 Avoid caffeine and alcohol at night

I am a coffee lover, but I have to admit that drinking coffee at night does affect my sleep quality. It actually keeps me awake (even when I thought I am immune to caffeine).

Hence, instead of coffee, I practice drinking a cup of warm CHAMOMILE tea 30mins before sleep. Not any other tea, but chamomile. Chamomile tea is known as the superstar of night time teas as it helps with stress relief & relaxation. It gives me a sense of calm, and helps me to relax into sleep.

Try it, you will be addicted to the calming effect. (:

Now, workout, then grab a cup of warm chamomile;
Lastly, go ahead, snooze with DREAMLAND mattress!

It’s going to be a good day tomorrow!

In relation to their 40th Anniversary this year, head on to their Facebook page for more information or you can check out their Dreamland website regarding their range of mattresses. To find out more about the Miracoil Spring System, visit their YouTube channel here!


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