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CuppaTea // The Teatox For Weight Loss

I am often known as a coffee drinker. Haven’t really developed the tea-drinking habit.
But many of my friends around me have started to appreciate TEA. & I thought, I should give it a try too.

Just not long ago, I was introduced to CuppaTea – The Teatox For Weight Loss.
It is a 14 days Teatox specially designed for weight loss.

Honestly, I was initially quite skeptical towards this kind of detox tea. I was thinking if it’s just another gimmicks to attracts more customers. Still, decided to give it a try as I have been feeling very bloated & sluggish for the past 1-2 weeks, where my tummy is feeling all puffy and uncomfortable. T.T

What you get:
– 14 days supply of Morningtime Detox tea bags, one tea bag every morning.
– 7 days supply of Bedtime Cleanse tea bags, one tea bag on the second night starting from Day 1.

For more information, you can go to their ‘How To Use’ page to explore what is in the tea bags and its benefits and effects.

I have been drinking for a week.

The Bedtime Cleanse produces a laxative effect to naturally cleanse and detoxify your body, approximately 8 hours after usage. I do feel discomfort in my tummy, & was literally running up and down the toilets for the first 2 satchels (which i think it’s good). Later on, it got better, & I really feel healthier. It sure feel good to continually discover the benefits of tea.

Not too sure about the weight loss.
However, it has definitely flatten my bloated tummy. Yay!

Another good thing I like about Cuppatea is that they believes that weight loss should not involve diet or starvation. Beauty and weight loss could be achieved by living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

You can check out their Eating Healthy Plan to start a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
A variety of selection has been put together and they mainly consist of fruits, vegetables and fish.

Other benefits of Teatox:

Burn fat and prevent fat storage
Transformation of energy to burn calories
Improve skin health
Improve sleep quality
Purification detox

Would you like to call for a cuppa tea?
Visit them now at

p.s. – All the ingredients in Cuppatea Teatox are 100% natural, no chemical or preservatives and bacteria- free.

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