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Hi. Today I decided to share something that I have been secretly ashamed of for the past few years (it took me a lot of courage to do this).

It’s about my TEETH.
My teeth were horrible. All my teeth were crooked, cluttered & unaligned!

I then had my mouth filled with metal for two years, everyone was calling me brace face, or ugly betty. That 2 years felt as if it was 20 years. The ugly awkward braces experience was very unpleasant. That two years of braces life was a pain in the ass, I haven’t been really smiling with my mouth open, not being able to eat properly & constantly feeling the metal brackets scrapes against the inside of my mouth for 2 years. It was truly devastating, but why do I still decided to have those metal in my mouth?

“I’m tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep. That’s deep enough. What do you want — an adorable pancreas?” – Jean Kerr

How true! Who doesn’t want to look pretty? I keep convincing myself that it will be worth it! Finally, I get a set of straight teeth on 2008. (I feel tears welling up my eyes….)

Sadly, my set of pretty teeth didn’t last too long.
My teeth went out of shape after a while.

My biggest regret — never wearing my retainer.

NOW, I have B U C K T O O T H.
Bucktooth according to urban dictionary, means someone with messed up, disgusting teeth.

My teeth are naturally big. & when it’s projecting, it looks H O R R I B L E.

Ever since them, I haven’t been able to smile naturally/confidently. It’s destroying me emotionally! It’s like after going through so much pain – physically & emotionally, wearing metal braces for 2 years. I still not able to obtain the smile I dream to have! I BROKE DOWN…..

These are some of the comments that I would normally get regarding my smile. It is painful to see. It just makes everything worst.

“Bucktooth, weird smile, unnatural smile, etc.” I have no choice. I have to smile this way to hide my annoying bucktooth (especially for closed up)! I am paranoid, to the extent that whenever I am talking with somebody, I could see their eyes focus on my mouth and teeth. I even train how to smile nicely in front of the mirror. Sigh.

This is what happened when I smile naturally, #nightmare. That’s why I always use my hand to close my mouth when I laugh. A smile can change everything, your confidence. Your outlook. Your life.

I was struggling. I want to have a set of beautiful teeth, but I am definitely not willing to go through another two years with metals in my mouth! After a lot of online research (I have been doing that for months), I discovered INVISALIGN treatment through a friend. & when it comes to straightening my teeth, the choice is extremely clear: I N V I S A L I G N treatment.

It is probably the BEST INVENTION!!!!!! (Jumping in joy~~!)


1) Customized – Invisalign treatment straightens teeth using a series of nearly invisible aligners that are custom-made specifically for your teeth. As you replace each aligner every two weeks, your teeth will move – little by little, week by week, gradually moving towards the projected final position.

2) Removable – you can pop the aligners out whenever you eat, brush & floss & usual, without bracket & wires to clean around!

3) Comfortable – They are snug fit; it’s like contact lenses for your teeth. It’s comfortable to wear as there are no metal wire and brackets that could potentially irritate your mouth or gums. Which means no ulcers!!!??

4) Clear – Virtually invisible. People wouldn’t even notice you are wearing them!

The ugly truth revealed. See my BUCKTOOTH? (Yes, these are images of my teeth)
This 3D simulating software is used to show you the difference from beginning (top photo) to end of Invisalign treatment (bottom photo), even before you start the treatment to obtain maximum satisfaction. I was literally blown away, it’s amazing!

Oh my gawd, seriously no words can describe how thankful am I for this brilliant invention!
I am just all excited, I can’t wait!!!!

The big day is here! Finally, I met up with Dr Dennis 2 weeks ago, at Q&M Solaris Dental Centre. Because, my aligner has arrived! A whole box of 21 set of aligners are waiting for me!

Tadah, see my name there?

& this Dr Dennis, showing me my aligners and explained that the numbers on the inside of them refer to which teeth they cover, upper or lower, and which number they are in the set. He also mentioned that my treatment time can be as short as 10 months. As I will be wearing each set of aligner for 2 weeks.

My 1st clear set of aligners. When Dr Dennis was unpackaging it, I was like a kid so impatiently waiting for it! It’s like waiting for someone to unwrap your present!

I immediately tried it on with Dr Dennis guidance. How do I feel?

Well, I am not going to lie telling you it’s super comfortable or so. It’s a little tight initially, but they weren’t agony. & I kept playing with it, it felt like your teeth is super smooth & very well protected!

They you go! Me, showing off my INVISALIGN SMILE!
Hehehe. (:

Before I left, Dr Dennis also gave me a set of aligner case for me to keep my aligners.

Thank you, Dr Dennis!
Hello soon, awesomely straight teeth!

1 thing I love so much about my Invisalign treatment, is when I smile my teeth looks as if it’s glowing!
My friends were telling me how beautiful it is. *flips hair*, haha.

For now, if you are interested to get your teeth fix! Do check out:
Invisalign Official Site
Invisalign FB

At the same time! Nuffnang Malaysia is currently holding a blog contest where you stand a chance to win a full Invisalign Treatment! Head over to Nuffnang Malaysia Official Blog Post to find out more about the contest.

*Disclaimer: I have received complimentary Invisalign treatment and/or compensation from Align Technology, Inc. in exchange for voluntarily promoting and sharing my Invisalign experience. The experiences shared and views expressed are my own.


  • hie,

    i suppose that treatment cost would differ from case to case, but do you mind telling me how much did your treatment cost? Just a rough figure so that I know what to expect?


  • Envy envyy! <3

  • very inspiring. bet many ladies will be motivated to be the better lady!

  • i struggle with the same problem but not possible to come out with the money for this. It cost 6-8k and since my teeth is crook for both up and down. But definitely happy for you cause I know exactly how it feels to be scare to smile at time. Especially when I simle with my face looking at the side, that’s the worse shot

  • i really hope I can wear those invasalign too since my teeth has a gap and protruding out

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