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Super GT


Yes, I am talking about the fully carbon fibred HSV -10 GT, the gorgeous masterpiece by Honda. I had fallen in love at the first sight with this sexy baby, gosh, the seductive front and rear lights are just way too irresistible!!! Isn’t it?

Good enough, the largest and sexiest racing series is back in town, right at the Sepang International Circuit! Let’s go check out this superb car at the Sepang International Circuit on the 19th and 20th of June.


Everything seems to be so sexy in SUPER GT, by everything I mean, both cars and girls.

Other than the sexy racing cars, the GT girls no doubt are the other thing that people usually mentioned when they talk about Super GT.

ohhhh, yes, they are irresistible too!
you see what I mean? Heh!


I had this special interest of looking at pretty girls, I just couldn’t move my eyes away from pretty things like this. & so, I went to find out bout this Super GT sweethearts.

Super GT girls are normally petite and fair which make them look really good in their chio custome. Also noticed that their uniforms’ colors are usually bright and stricking, making them very noticable.

This is a few that I love most among all. ♥ ♥ ♥

The red hawt nurses.
Somehow I find them looking very animated, they look like those race queen I saw in some animation.

& they reminded me about Sailormoon!


The kawaii orangii devil.
Didn’t know devils had change their custom from red to orange, but still, uniquely nice.


Oh, & this one…
Looking at this photo, the first thing that came into my mind is Digi, yellow DiGi man marr. Heh! & now there’s madly lovable yellow girls at Super GT.


Last but not least the white angels, what caught my attention are actually their bottom attire. The way they tied they jacket on their waist around their skirts (oh, it’s I just realize that it’s a shorts), looks exactly like a one piece design which was hit last season.

Pretty, I like it a lot!


AND, IF, I were a GT girl, I would wear….


Tube top seems like a must for all GT girls, so yea.

Then, I D.I.Y. a skirt for myself using laces, and a long old straight cut batik skirt of mine, adding on ribbon on it. It’s very much because, It’s now summer in Japan; Bows, laces, and batik design are the in factors now. At the same time, scaft is gaining it’s popularity now! So, why not? *wink


I will be submitting this design of mine to the Super GT 2010 costume design competition!

dear all fashionistas and creative minds out there, do submit an entry of yours. It would be really great seeing those pretty girls wearing the customs of your design, yes? Hurry up! Because you might be the winner of rm2000 cash, A pair of GT Club passes and also hampers and voucher worth rm2000! Sweet eh!

Speaking bout that, there’s other interesting weekend activities that you wouldn’t want to miss going on, for example, kids pitwalk and circuit safari. Also, also, there will be charity car wash session during the race weekend!!!



  • You’re so creative o…Gambateh^^

  • Wow… Nice design…
    I’m planning to go Super GT this time before I off to USA

  • you have the talent to study fashion design :)

  • nice nice nice !
    hope you can will =)

  • good luck!

  • tziaa..why u so late ni post one blog? :(
    blog more! ^^

  • girlaurora – thankiew!!! <3

    dsvt - thankss!! ohhh! have fun yea!!!

    wilson - haha, no la!! paiseh!

    freda - thanks candy!! <3

    june - thank you!

    b.cherry - no internet connection =(

  • nose bleeding…..hehehe

  • You’re not going Super GT this time?

  • Your design reflects the M’sian flavour and it’s still sexy. Like it a lot.

  • yeah…blog more…I like to read ur blog =)

  • I just opted into for your RSS feed. Really cool website keep up the good writing.

  • amat – heh! hot harrr.

    dsvt – most probably not. :(

    biopolymath – haha. you noticed it!! thankiew!!

    wilson – ok, i will! :)

  • may i know how tall are you?

  • rosie – 168cm?

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