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it’s 1.07a.m. now, it’s Monday again. **sighhhhhhhh
it’s another brand new week, and there’s 2 presentations to be done this week. oh gosh!

on a happier note, i was invited to the “STARSTRUCK”, the 104th scouts annual camp fire night last Saturday night. i just got back from kampar that day, & realize that i had left my bag of clothes and make up pouch at Kampar. FML max. digged out the best among all my very limited clothes from the luggage, and went stealing Adele’s make up pouch. heh!

polka dots top from Cotton On (RM 25), and high waisted nautical pants from Teetoo (RM 69.90).
i know right same clothes with the one I wore in my previous advert. but, no choice. so yea.

after that, i digged out a pair of glass-less full framed specs from my bag.
& that completed my look for that night.


Reached there (my secondary school) by 7pm, and started to feel the generation gap. crapsss.

It started off by 8pm with the handphone act, in layman’s terms, the opening act.
lolling… lolling..

Followed by the traditional fire performance.
there’s female performers this year, making it even HAWTer.



Then it’s the introduction of EMCEES, they have got pretty good emcees this year.
JJ and Ean Justin.

A scene where they got chased after by the reporters and fans.


drama sketch starts.

i am truly impressed.
they speak excellent English, and acted very well.


drama queen and king.


organizing committee.
they definitely deserve rounds of applause.

no doubt, they have done a great job.


then, it’s noms time!

pay rm20 and you get these scrumptious food with interesting performances. Why not?
my juniors are real sweethearts, they were like our waitresses that night, fulfilling all our needs. *awwwww

the rendang chicken is finger licking good! slurrrpppsss.


my long lost friends, exclude kehui cause i have been seeing her quite often lately.
from left: yuanshuang, jia yi, yours truly, and ke hui.


jiayi went M.I.A, and so Clement took over her place.
& then, we melted, due to the excessive heat from the camp fire.

ok, i was just bullshitting.


my lil sister is again the main reason of me being there.
yes, my princess is again performing. heh!

heartsssss her heaps.


After the refreshment break, it’s drama time.

“Guys make themselves seems strong, but they are actually weak.
That’s the one line that one remember till now throughout the whole sketch. heh!



hockey pockey.
ahhh, reminds me of my kindergarten time..


I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad….

brought to you by the “GRATITUDE”.


then, jeng jeng jeng…

it’s now the most awkward time of mine throughout the whole night.

I was nominated, somehow.
& surprisingly, won.

I was freaking happy cause there’s still people that would cheer for an old lady like me.
& at the same time, felt damm paiseh, because i was like competing with all the xiao mei mei. **cover face

anyhow, thanks people.


then, it’s my lil sister’s dance performance.

the guys came out first.

there’s this boy that I found quite cute. but, too young for me. lol.
eye candies for the young girls, perhaps.


spot my sister?


there she is.
i never know she could dance this well.

she impressed me, again.
yes, she is so much better than me in so many things, that’s why i said, “again”.


Dances is always one of the last performances in camp fire nights all these years.
The camp fire night until today it’s still story based & portrayed through performances.

also, always a happy ending!

Dance floor is open when the story comes to an end.


we decided that we shall not join them at the dance floor.
too old for that, heh!

** we can just ACT that we had heaps of fun at the dance floor.
& i guess we really look as if we did enjoyed ourselves pretty much at the dance floor eh? *bigwidesmile


I am glad to be invited, thank you!

This has somehow become an annual meet up session thingy for us, still, we thanks God for this awesome chance. It’s never easy to gather friends that are all studying overseas now, you see?

A final photo with Pn.Ung, our discipline teacher.


had a great night.

& i started to miss school, started to miss wearing my scouts uniform…..
104th scouts RAWKSSSS!


Pictures are taken using the Sony Cybershot TX-5


  • why your campfire nobody wear scouts or guide uniform geh?

  • Hi Tziaaa,

    Missing scouts movement? You made me feel so old liao..i was a scout back in Ipoh and that was in the 80s!!! sigh..

  • how come u manage to lost so much fats on yr face? how did you do tat?

  • hey tziaa, may i know where did you get your hair rebonding done? it looks good :)

  • love that makeup :D
    and that spec look great on you :D

  • Dylan – ern, ours is a lil diff.

    Charles – 89s? wow, that’s like freaking long ago.

    anonymous – i lose some weight? and it goes off with it.

    long – heh, at kampar> :)

    freda – that’s actually my friend’s spec. thanks candy!

  • my goodness! YUANSHUANG XD lol

  • joey – you know her?

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