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1 Malaysia

I have a 1 Malaysia story to tell.

It happened on the day when I was working on the video with the theme of 1 Malaysia. I started ringing up my high school’s long lost Malay friends, Indian friends, etc desperately, hoping that they could help me with the video. But, none of them is free, because, it was Fathers’ Day.

Daddy then suggested me to have a break, then, he brought us for Rojak at this famous stall in SS15. The queue was crazily long.


There’s Malay, Chinese, Indian… queuing up for it.
Also, Rojak, is made up of so many ingredients symbolizing the diversity of our country.

I was inspired, there and then.
I went up two to complete strangers of different races and asked whether they could help me out.

They agreed without much hesitation.


& then, I made this 1 Malaysia video.
I had truly experienced 1 Malaysia, & realize that it really does exist in our life!

Astro would really love to hear our 1 Malaysia story, let’s tell them in your preferred language at

Embraced 1 Malaysia!


  • Yeah it’s like rojak! :)

  • ahah damn rojak sial!

  • u’re cute :)

  • 支持博主,路过!

  • huaibin – indeed

    simonso- haha, yea!

    wilson – thankiew!

  • Rojak, owh! My fav!!!

  • that video. chio max :D

  • tracy – seems like everyone loves rojak! heh

    freda – thankiew thankiew! <3

  • SS15 rojak :D

  • honestly, music is kinda loud and there is no originality on it. sorry for being straightforward. 1malaysia, is just overrated…

  • oh ya… i like this rojak very much… can fill up my stomach.. and i tried it twice, rojak + cendol = nice! Got few more times i wanna eat but the queue was too long.. so i just give up.

  • Nice brief and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.

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