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mag shoot

went for a mag shoot today.

dolled up from top to toe.
and i look like a walking doll. (they said so) *wink.

hearts the total princessie hair do and make up.


best thing is, i had baby mickey as my shoot props.

freaking cooolllll! always wanted to do photoshoot with baby mickey but i never had a chance. there’s this photographer that cheated, said that he would do a mickey mouse shoot for me if i do a series of what he wants. I did, but he did not do as he promised! Eff him!


anyway, if you loves my hair and my make up, you will definitely love these awesome bunch of people ( make up artists, hair stylist & stylist).

how i wish they i have them there to doll me up every single day!





& this is the editor/journalist or whatever you call it from the mag.
was interviewed by her. she’s so friendly!

i wasn’t nervous at all, it’s just like i am talking to a long lost friend!


** all the un-watermarked photos above are taken by theis sexay lady, kimberlycun!
thanks sweetheart!


baby came picked me up for dinner after the shoot.
poser, yesh he is definitely one! **pinch face

i shan’t waste such pretty make up and hair-do, no?
more camwhore pics in car.



baby has the ability to multitask (driving +camwhoring) because it’s so freaking congested in KL, & so we decided to go back to Sunway for dinner. Ended up dined at Fong Lye, Sunway Pyramid.

was starving like fark as it’s already almost 8 when we reached Sunway, and fyi, i only had a cup of milk in the morning and that last for the entire day. what to do, i know i will so gonna feel freaking guilty if i eat, & then, look damm fat in the photo.




Wu Long Tea, rm12/2 person.


fried tempura. rm7.90
love this, definitely tastier than the one from shilin.


baby’s steamboat set (rm29.90) was served after that.
why is it that his food always served before mine, even when i am already hungry max! *grumpppyyy


spot the cute lil pig behing there.
people always tell me it’s funny when i hate pork so much yet i love piggy soft toys so much.

like duhhh, they doesn’t smells like one, at least.
**spray Dior Cherie on it




& finally, my tomatoes egg with fish (rm19.90) is served!
not grumpy anymore because it’s really good, it’s worth waiting for! slurpppsss!


it’s served with a rice (w/ meat).


with sidedishes.


& soup.

my blog is turning into a food blog real soon!




  • u looked like a bride!! <3

  • teycindy – bride?!!! and you, didnt even want to take photo with me. sobssss!

  • u look gorgeousssssss! mwahs

  • baby<3, you looked good in every pic. love you….missing you!

  • kimberlycun – thankiew pretty!! thanks for the photos too! <3

    fred - baby baby, love you! ngek, i know you gonna love me despite how i gonna look like though!

  • gorgeous! love your big big eyes ! :)
    and me love that tomato eggs with fish too !! :D

  • why you so much willpower to not eat wan i cannot stop eating fml T____T

  • freda – thankiewww! <3 you eat the tomato eggs with fish before too!? damm good right?

    aud – *blush* i cannot de, but have to marr. i kept thinking ” just one day, just one day…”. haha, you so slim adyof course must non stop eating la. ppl like me diff story!

  • u look gorgeous with the make up and dress l\..ur dress very nice where u bought it?

  • niyen – aww, thankyou. first time see you here! anyway, i bought it from a boutique in sunway pyramid. i’ve forgotten the name of it, sorry.

  • So, anymore foodie soon?

  • Esther – he always wants to pay for it he said it’s his responsible. Well, there’s sometime that I will get to pay but seldom lu.

    Biopolymath – maybe? Heh!

  • hey tziaaa! remember me from the POCC event? your pics here look so nice!! your eyes super nice :)

  • juann – yesh, i remember you!! heh! thankiew for the compliment yea! :)

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