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so, it’s valentine. the 2nd one after us being together for 20 months. (: was so in love cream color dresses these days, i chose to wear a comfy cream color lace dress mummy bought for me from dorothy perkins to add an instant romance for our date. also, applied a rather light make up to suit the whole outfit. plus, with all my gold accessories, i successfully accomplished the “romantic look”. *ahhh, i admit i am hopelessly romantic* img_2855 the night before; pre-valentine dinner i prepared for HIM. Spaghetti with prawns arranged in heart shape. img_2995 on Valentines, baby came picked me up, and headed out for our valentines dinner. i was a lil worried, as i never like to dine in an overly crowded place or eat surrounded by a noisy environment. but it’s valentines, everywhere will be crowded ugh. so not gonna be romantic, i thought. reached around 7-ish. baby brought me to Magnificient Fish Chip, an Irish restaurant located at Changkat. and out of my expectation, that place despite being right in the middle of the busy street of Changkat, it feels uncannily calm and tranquil. &, i got in love instantly with the homey feel of the restaurant. p.s. – i was with my camera BUT without memory card. so yea, i play cheat, i took photo here and there from the web. enjoy! (: mfc1

“So, the fish and chips. True to their name, they do not only serve your regular fish and chips and give you a choice of either Butterfish(RM24), Barramundi (or Seabass @ RM34), Coral Trout(RM44), Parrotfish(RM35), Silver Cod(RM46), Grouper(RM38), and Salmon (RM38). The prices vary according to the type of fish chosen.” – Epicurious

i went for Silver Cod. because.. boyfriend : so what do you suggest, which is better? waiter : the most expensive it is, the better it is. so yea, silver cod is the BEST! boyfriend, me : oh okayyyyyyy, as you suggested then. waiter : *bigwidesmile* it was really pretty good, probably one of the best fish and chip i had. you’ll definitely see me there again. mfc3 After dinner, we went to shop at Pavillion, and followed by a random Shisha session at pavillion. when it comes to heart, simple yet sweet celebration like this is good enough to melt my heart. plainly because we both were so busy running our own errands, prior to that, my class at kampar had already started, it has been so long since we had a proper dinner together. That’s why i really do appreciate this sweet treat a lot, just me and the boyfriend reconnecting and catching up on each other, nothing too extravagant, thanks God it was all good.thanks baby, i you. anyhoo, pressie for the boyfriend, a Burberry shirt. img_3003 what’s from him? knowing the key of my heart, the boufriend got me  a baby pink dell mini inspiron with a matching pink mouse and cover. *bigwidesmile* img_3041 roses, and chocolate; always the sweetest confection. img_3008 also, a bear holding an “iloveyou” ballon. ahh, it’s twice as sweet. cause, boy, i you as much too, straight forwardly without much complicities. i cannot love, if it wasn’t YOU. img_3022 just, you and me. our lips lock in a kiss. it’s sweet bliss. img_9133 that’s all bout my valentine, wish you all too had a great one. (: before i end my post… my fav. mouth watering laksa at Gardens is now on a great deal. DO NOT MISS OUT! RM6 instead of RM14 for authentic Penang Assam Laksa and Any Drink at Sbread, The Gardens as featured in THE STAR [57% OFF] CLICK HERE for more info! dd & that’s all for now! cheers.


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