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Awesome is a synonym for YOU.

You came in to my life, and changed it forever. Like what I’ve always said, it if wasn’t you, I wouldn’t know how to love. &, I never know what I meant to be loved until I met you.

You treated me like a princess, and pampered me like a real baby.

I will always remember, you are the one who have been there always offering me a warm hug when I need It most, wipe away my tears telling me you will be there for even when the whole world fails me.

You are always so thoughtful; bought me porridge and pampered me to sleep when I fall sick. I had always miss the turkey ham sandwich *fav!*  you made for me for breakfast and I love how you call me fatty yet cooked me supper. Oh, we baked together too! I remember how we cheekily teased each other, comparing whose pan cake is nicer. Heh, best thing is you actually remember what I love and what I didn’t like to eat, always bring me to my fav. restaurant and knowing what to order for me.

It’s really melts my heart when you tell me how beautiful I am even on times when I look like mess, you seen me at my worst yet still love me the most.

my heart skipped a beat every time you plays with my hair and kiss me gently on my forehead. I miss you holding my hands tight and tell me how much I mean to you.


I am the happiest and luckiest girl on earth, having you to tell me that you will spent the rest of your life being together with me, hand in hand.

Though things are a lil different now but I know somewhere deep down in my heart I had your name engraved on it.


Love is awesome.
& at this very unexplainable moment, love is the most beautiful sadness in the world.

What else is awesome?

How bout a trip to Italy for 8D/7N, enjoy an awesome trip exploring with a 3 hour ride in a Ferrari in Tuscany! RAWR!!!

Imagining myself end my days with music-filled evenings at one of pub with a glass of awesome Sunkist Orange Juice along the street, and found myself surrounded by little love stories. Italy is just waiting for us to discover the true meaning of ‘amore.’ There’s a saying that, we are all mezza mela — half an apple. Apparently, when soul mates find each other in Italy, it makes the apple whole. Love is in the air, would I meet you there?…..*dreams on*

okay, dream will never come true is there’s no action taken. So how?

All you need to do is to participate in the “Are You Awesome” contest, grab a Sunkist pack with the word “Awesome” and take a photo with it. You can upload it on the site or MMS it to 016 339 9950 and type . ITALY, here I come. *bigwidesmile*

There’s also a RM 500 prize for weekly winners and you can snag RM 100 just by being the highest weekly voter so there’s another good reason to join the contest.

Sunkist is awesome! Have been a loyal fan of it since young, as it’s mom’s favorite brand.
You want to be awesome too? Vote for me here

cheers, awesome peeps!


  • Sweet post of u & your boyfriend! even though end up with adv :P
    Stay sweet !
    & Best of luck with the contest! ;)

  • Longtime no drop by, you still look gorgeous as usual…
    I personally don’t like to drink orange juice…
    I prefer apple juice more.

  • You’re so lucky to be in love :))

  • tracy – no worries, this is one sincere post. thank you!(:

    alan – aww, thank you!! haha, orange better la!

    petitecherie – (:

  • Just a quick drop by ^^ wow…. though its just for an adv, but you do have a great relationship there though! Keep it up! wish u both a happy loving life ^^

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