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Redang day 2

Back to day 2 of redang.
I know right I’ve been taken so long to get this updated, but here I am now. heh!

hammocks tied to the coconut trees facing the beach.
laid there, swinging a little by the breeze. so relaxing.

oh well. we all love it. ♥

sun & shades.

portrait of my self.

& beloved daddy.

random shots.

The beach, that magically casts away all my worries and pressure instantly.

They say. its always, sunshine, beach & bikinis.
ladies in bikinis? ern…

oh well. this is a better view. *grins

stalker mode end.

snorkeling time.
you don’t need to have a boat as you can snorkel right outside your resort with no time limit.

basking under the glorious sun.
it doesnt burnt my skin, it was just nice that the warm sun kissing on me.

the happy girl. ♥

Snorkeling was our main activities at redang, its also my first time doing snorkeling. *shy*

Well, definitely my first time seeing corals, and clown fishes live in the sea. i was amazed. I used to only see it in dad’s aquarium at home.

I saw colored eels, clown fish, Dory, Sea Urchin…
okay.. i shall let the photos continue telling the story.

fish says hello! so cute! ♥

thousands and thousands of silver fishes.

bread feeding.

closest shot of fish biting off the bread.

and this rather huge colorful fish, i saw it in dad’s aquarium too.
& now it’s swimming right beside me.

Vain shot.
I have a cool mom and a beautiful sister. ♥

Not only the beach that i love, the white sands too!
All i did was lazing around. *lazy me*

But mummy & little sister were building castles and alphabets.

the masterpiece of them both. ♥

At night.

We took a walk by the sea.
I was fascinated by the night lights, it is undeniable beautiful.

Silent night, with sound of waves hitting on the shore.
thousand of stars glowing in the dark and moon shining over you.

You just wish that moment last a lil longer before reality snaps in again.

To be continue. ♥


  • May I know what model of the camera ?

  • wow, great photos

  • peiyi – i am using canon g10 & sony t10. ((;

    kelvinchow – thank you! (:

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