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Christmas ’12

It was Christmas.

Christmas has always been my fav. as everything and everywhere is so beautifully decorated.

However, it’s special this year that I accepted Christ. & that I am growing closer to God and be more faithful in my walk with God, Amen!

Anyway, Happy 2013 earthlings! ❤
I know it kinda late to blog about Christmas, but late is better than never right? *cheeky smile*

Adelechow & I thought that its a great time for everyone to get together for a wonderful dinner. So, we get everyone dressed up and get a good dinner!

Was looking for a good place for Christmas dinner with Adele, & Coffee Société pop-up into my mind due to many good comments on its cozy environment and pleasant decorations.

& since it’s Christmas, Christmas décors are everywhere.

There is so much Christmas feel radiating from the decor. & whether it’s the warm lighting or that the staff are really friendly, it’s certainly inviting, enticing you to stay. ❤

A good companion made a perfect Christmas night. my love, adelechow. ❤

A cuppa to start up the night.

Iced chocolate, it’s too diluted to suit my taste.
At least, it didn’t satisfied my chocolate criteria. ):

However, it certainly make up for it with their tasty mushroom soup!
One of the best mushroom soup i had. *thumbs up*

I comfortably decide to have spaghetti carbonara.
It’s a pretty decent one.

bangers with mash.
It’s everyone’s love!

Adele got all of us Christmas cupcakes!
It’s just too pretty to eat! gosh!

So, we sing along so Christmas songs, & played some games for gift exchanged.

It was a good night. ❤

HOHOHO, Merry Christmas!
*everyone, head gears on!*

some of the lil gift exchanged.

Christmas tree!
Best props for Christmas photo taking!


“Like a beautiful tree, you can light up the room
But your kind of star can’t be removed
Like a beautiful carol, I get lost in your song
And I will forever sing along

On every list I’ve ever sent
You’re the gift I’d love the best
So deck the halls and all the rest, warm me up
With your Christmas love”

Now you get what i mean. heh!
I feel as if Christmas is just yesterday now.

hello, Mr.Brandonchen!

More photos taking.
I love photos, when memories fade, photo last forever. ❤

I have to post this up!
Adele & Winky. Adele looks so gorgeous here!

My photo taking skill has leveled up.
I can even set up my own photobooth! *claps*

More joined in & shared the joy.

Some photos from the “photobooth“.
JordanAng, the fake Edward Cullen a.k.a. the skeleton. *evilgrins*

James, the fishball!

Last but not least, yours truly here, trying to send joy to the world! *lovessss*

Group photo with so much lovesss! ❤

Best part, went car park and when i am about to leave, my car died on me. Thanks la!
Praise to God i have a few machos there to help me jump start my car.

Head to idarts hex after that.
&, it’s party time!

Overall, I definitely had a great Christmas night with the bunch.
I thank GOD for all the blessings & loves! Amen!

I hope all of you had a awesome Christmas too!
Merry Christmas, God bless!


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