63rd Macau Grand Prix

I was scrolling through the photos in my phone, and saw this photo with of me with the latest ambitious rider from Portugal, André PIRES!

Hello, hottie!

Besides the Food Carnival, this is another highlight of my trip to Macau – the 63rd Macau Grand Prix (澳門格蘭披治大賽車). It was held from November 17-20 2016, while the Group Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix – 50th Edition being one of four headline races on the seven-race programme.

Why it is crowned as one of the biggest racing event?
15 from 22 drivers in the 2016 F1 Championship have competed on along the narrow, twisting Guia street circuit of Macao city.

Fast facts of the GUIA CIRCUIT:
Length: 3.8 miles (6.2km)
Minimum width: 22.8 feet (7m)
Characteristics: A street circuit with an exhilarating combination of long, fast straights, and sharply twisting corners, elevations and the famous Melco Hairpin. Famously known as one of the most demanding circuits in the world.

Lucky me, in conjunction with this, there’s a series of events arranged to give public an up-close look at some of this cars, motors & driver/riders (hehe), including the promotional show where superb racing machinery from the Macau GT Cup and Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix is displayed at Tap Seac Square. Good news is, there was no charges for it.

Pictures say a million words, so I just let my photos talk.

I surely have a thing for classic bikes!

Unfortunately, I missed the race this round. Surely, I was awed by these beautiful classic super-bikes, but I believe it will be one of a life time experience to feel the acceleration of these super-bikes hurtle past.

Every year end, there will be more than 200 competitors as well as thousands of motor sports fans descend on the city for the world-famous international street circuit race meeting which features both car and motorcycle races.I would definitely love to witness this Macao’s biggest and most prestigious event next year!

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