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Fitter #2017, with #FitBit

“Use this The Fitbit Flex 2™, you’ll love this swim-proof fitness wristband.” they said.
I was doubtful, hence I begin to google about it.


“Every moment matters and every bit makes a big impact. Because fitness is the sum of your life.
That’s the idea Fitbit was built on—that -fitness is not just about gym time. It’s all the time. How you spend your day determines when you reach your goals. And seeing your progress helps you see what’s possible. Seek it, crave it, live it”

I couldn’t agree more that fitness is more than gym, it should be a lifestyle.
Then, I am sold.

Fitbit tracks every part of your day—including activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep

—to help you find your fit, stay motivated, and see how small steps make a big impact.

Well, if you’re serious about getting fit this #2017.
You will definitely need a Fitbit.

Here’s how Fitbit helps me in my fitness goal:

#1 It “MOVES” me.

Fitbit acts like a motivator in my fitness journey.

Instead of going up to the 7th floor by lift, I find myself taking extra effort to walk up the stairs so I can meet my goals. Also, at times I purposely park my car a little further in the mall do that I could walk more. Since I got my Flex 2, I started to walk more (& burn more calories).

I also use my FitBit to track my exercise, especially when I am on my “1000 calories deficit diet”, I literally need to burn to eat (otherwise I will be left with 300 calories a day, which is equivalent to only 1 roti kosong =.=). Fitbit by default can track walking, running and hiking. But, it also has an option to log exercises. If I do an hour on high intensity Body Combat, the app will tell me I’ve burn about 450-500 calories. That allowed me to have Nando’s for dinner, at the same time reaching my goal of 1000 calories deficit.

It surely makes me MOVE more, and be more discipline with my workout routine. (:

If you didn’t know, an hour of personal training will help you burn an average of 300 calories. (:
I praised the device’s ability to more accurately track my weightlifting sessions.

#2 It forces me to eat healthier

With Fitbit, I don’t only know how many calories I’ve burned; I also get to know how many calories I am ingesting.
It’s easier for me to keep track on my diet, which made my weight-loss journey a lot easier.

When I am about to order banana fritters during tea-time, which is about 120 calories/piece;
I learned to opt for a cup of black coffee (which is 0 calories instead);

And, instead of a piece of 400 calories roti telur, I chose to order the tandoori chicken (breast) which is about 150 calories.

I’ve also learned that clean & healthy eating doesn’t always means less calories.
Every bite of the food you ingest count!

Fitbit has definitely helped me to be wiser on my food selection.

#3 It encourages quality sleeps

With Fitbit, I am able to track my sleeping hours and sleeps quality.

I needed at least 5 hours of quality sleep a day, it helps me to identify my sleeping pattern. It actually shows that I’ve better sleep after workout (&, some wine. haha); hence I know what I need to do in order to have better, uninterrupted sleep.

#4 It motivates me to swim

Oh yes, Flex 2 is swim-proof for swimmers;
and shower-proof for everyone else.

It is waterproof up to 50 meters, so it’ll track your distance swam, and calories burned there too.
All this is done automatically — as long as the Flex 2 is on you, it’s tracking.

It can even tracks different style of swim, and of course, Butterfly burns the most.
It’s the hardest stroke, but now I am motivated to work on it!

So, I have been wearing #Fitbit for several months now, & totally smitten by it.
Now. It’s your chance to win a Fitbit for yourself!


1. Leave a comment below and tell me ONE reason why you need a Fitbit.
2. Remember to leave your FULL NAME and EMAIL in the comment section too.

3. Once you are done, head over to my IG photo (featuring Fitbit) and comment “DONE”

That’s about it. Join the contest now and i’ll be selecting ONE winner on 12th of May 2017. I will also announce the winner on the comment down below. Stay tune. 

All the best.
Cheers! ❤


  • I need a fitbit to help me keep fit and motivate me to exercise more and yes, with the watrrproof function i will definitely swim more!

    Cheong Kwok Wai
    IG: papacheong

  • Hi Tzia,

    I need a fitbit because I need to track and be more disciplined throughout my hectic lifestyle! Trying to balance between my daily job, working out and having sufficient sleep is tough. I believe by having the fitbit, it can help me track my progress and take measures to improve my overall lifestyle!


  • I need a Fitbit to remind my dad to exercise regularly and keep his body healthy because his tummy is growing bigger and bigger.

    Quah Kai Sheng

  • With Fitbit, I could set up my health and fitness goal. I believed that fitbit would cheer me on and also tell me when I’m getting close to certain goals for the day. Besides, with Fitbit, I would make a better food choice as it could help us to count the calories that we taken for the day. So I believed that Fitbit would really help me out a lot on my fitness path.

  • I need a FitBit to help me take charge of my unruly lifestyle so that I can ease into a healthier beginning. With FitBit, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to achieve my target fitness goal!

    Angelina Wong

  • I need Fitbit to show me how unhealthy my body is inside. Being thin means the symptoms does not surface and it is all the more dangerous if I don’t keep fit, because diseases may struck me anytime without any warning.

    Liew Shu En

  • I always have doubts when it comes to my first step. Not to mentioned, it is not easy when you have been an overweight girl and you tried to take the leap of faith and turn a new leaf ; to make fitness my habit.
    Where should I start, what should I do, how can I know track my progress , etc. Hence, with this fitbit I hope it shed some “heavenly” light to my journey in getting fit not to look good only, but to be a healthier & happier me.

    PS :::…..The insecurities you get when your boyfie is a gym junkie 😂.

    Thanks tziatzia!

    Name : Esther Lim Pei Ying
    Email :
    IG : esteeying

  • I need a Fitbit as a constant reminder for myself always on track with my workout. It will definitely make me more cautious with my food intake and make me more discipline in my daily gym routines. With Fitbit I will no longer have any excuse for neglecting a healthy lifestyle.

    Name : Amelia Chiang

  • I love to exercise for example one of my favourite activities during weekend is jogging. Without Fitbit I wouldn’t how much calories I have burnt and how long(km) I have run. I need a Fitbit because it willhelp me to count the steps and distance I have run so that it help me to stay motivated as having a healthy body is one of my goal in 2017 same as Fitbit is one of my wishlist to get in 2017. Thank you :)

    Name:Eunice Mai Yoke Cheng
    IG: voeyou

  • The only reason I need a Fitbit is to shape myself to a better me. I believe that Fitbit would be a great addition for me to keep track of my fitness progress and most importantly, commit to be fit.

  • I have always thought that I could take care of my health when I grow older but I took things for granted and spent too much time focusing on my work and studies instead of a quality lifestyle so I hope Fitbit can help me to keep track on my daily activities and remind me of doing what is necessary to stay healthy.

    Calvin Chee

  • i realized i’ve been very lazy to move in 2017. I was an active sports person and i need to motivate myself to move it move it again. I guess with Fitbit on my wrist, I have no reason not to move!!

    Carmen See

  • Hello This,

    I NEED A FITBIT!!! Because I’m staying active with gym and dance and a lot of sleeping. Hehe but I don’t know if I’m really fit. I never have a fit device because I cannot afford one . This will help me to bring my fitness journey to next level! By allowing it to be with me 24/7 to track my activities.

    Me me me !


  • Would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift :p

    Shi Kai

  • I need a FITBIT, this is because I would need to exercise everyday as this can make my body to be healthy and it is good for my heart as I have a small hole on tricuspid valve in my heart. With FITBIT, i’m able to set the goals of every exercise and achieve it. Besides that, FITBIT also can be fashion style that match my outlook of the day. So, I would like to win a FITBIT from you

  • The Fitbit isn’t a magic wand to cure all our imperfections. It won’t make you kick the carb addiction, it won’t make us shrink a shirt size, BUT it does arm us with the very information that we need to make healthier decisions. If something can be tracked, it can be improved.
    Me being a workaholic doesn’t help my health, but Fitbit will. I want to show my best self, my most confident self to the world, and i will now, with Fitbit.

    Thank you,
    Name: Chin Kuan Leong

  • I need fitbit coz i never use something like this but when i owned then i will tell all to use it. This fitbit is awesome things need to have lately for me who love sport…

  • Exercise does not require reason, but there’s a reason to have fitbit to move further on exercise effectively and eat healthy. It’s purely a matching gear to make me a prince charming of someone else. ;D

    Name: Ng kien wei

  • I need a Fitbit so I can stop telling lies to myself about not having a tracker that can’t be use while swimming since I have gladly made it an excuse that I can’t track my swimming workout thus working out makes no differences.

    Kevan Lee

  • I need fitbit because I want a healthy lifestyle.

    Lee Xue Er

  • First time I heard about Fitbit seriously. I wish to have 1 because of many reasons. If want to list out 1 of it, might be Fitbit can motivate me thru the fitness journey as my sis wedding is 3 months later omg I wanna be fit 😂 ya. The most attractive about Fitbit is it can track the distance you swim and calories was like WOW. I always track the time only and it kinda. slow. haha..hope I am lucky enough to get it :)

    I’m writing too long sorry
    Ong Cheng Yee

  • I need it to make sure I’m safely keeping myself fit and healthy. With effective exercise and diet, keeping fit can be done effectively too.

    Bosco Mak June Kit

  • Hello Tziaaa!

    I would love to get a Fitbit because I’m an avid runner!

    Life should not be all work and no play, therefore to strike a balance, I would incorporate exercise in between my free time to de-stress!

    Currently, i am using my phone as a tracker to check on the mileage and an indication of my calories burnt after each session.

    At times during my run, the weather would turn drastically and starting a heavy downpour, which I always worry that my phone would be damaged.

    With Fitbit, I would be able to also monitor such statistics and not to worry that if I’m caught in a rain!

    Thanks for the giveaway, goodluck to all!

    Full name : Khong Joon Howe


  • Back in 2015, I was a fitness fanatic, I head to the gym in hardcore mode so that I could gain those extra muscle pounds into my body to make myself fit. But it all went down to zero and negative when I fell from a bike while doing mountain biking, I got injured and I have been on recovery state for the past 2 years and have recently got back to a normal condition. However, starting back gymming is never easy as the weights that I used to carry and those dedication are gone. Hence, I felt that with the help of fitbit, it keeps my motivation level high, and I am able to perform in my best condition and being dedicated//committed for every single weight training, hiking, crossfit, and maybe overcoming my trauma in mountain biking as well. Thus, getting it would be a great turn in my life. Thank you & sorry for the lengthy comment 😊😊


  • hello tziaaa thanks for the opportunity for this giveaway, for my reason that i need a fitbit is mainly to keep track of my sleeps throughout the nights as i have trouble sleeping at night, with this i can keep records and improve my sleeping habiy

  • Hello Tzia!
    It’s Hazel here.

    Omg, I’m so excited for this giveaway!
    I love getting my heart working and sweating out for leisure and for health! TBH, I’ve never heard of Fitbit until recently where it was advertised on social media. I’m really impressed with it’s waterproof feature(another reason to encourage me to swim, yay!) The design is so sleek and sassy I can wear it all the time; running, swimming and monitoring my heart rate when doing archery (need to keep the heart rate stable at all times). Would be awesome to have a device that can cater so much!

    I love active sportwears like sport watches but I’ve never owned one, since my economy status doesn’t allow me to, as a college girl. Let’s admit it, good quality sportwears aren’t cheap. :(
    And of course, I would love someone like you, a fitness role model to actually acknowledge this little fangirl. :D

    Thank you so much for hearing me out, sistah. Cheers and stay fabulous as you are! 😊😊


  • (F)it back on track
    (I) will do a quick 15-min workout, bring 30-min close, then extend to 1-hr length
    (T)o nonstop with the Fitbit

  • I need a fitbit to motivate me to workout and exercise more with the reminder to move function, at the same time, tracing my sleeping style so that I can have healthier health.


  • I wish to have a Fitbit to track and guide me to the healthy lifestyle and soon I also can guide my friends and family too.😊

  • A Fitbit would really helps me to track my sleeping patterns as I realised that I am feeling restless the next morning when I woke up even though I slept more than 7 hours. This year, I have also pledged to be more active either by way of walking or exercising in preparation of my wedding next year so winning a Fitbit would be something grateful for a reader of yours. :)

    IG: stevnie

  • I need a fitbit to keep track my exercise routine and my overall lifestyle. I used to be using MyFitnessPal apps to keep track my lifestyle but looks like this is way more convenient and i cant wait to try it out!

  • I wish that I’m the lucky one to win this because I’m lucky enough to know you. And I always wanted to live like you as your life is full of positive energy which keeps me up all the time. Your way of thinking and your lifestyles are extremely encouraging. Support you as always.
    Angellica Chiang

  • Hi Tzia

    I’ve always been skeptical about fitness trackers on how effective it can be. After reading your post on the benefit makes me wanna give it a go! I’ve been hitting a fitness pleatou and hoping that this Fitbit can help me identity my habits and parts that I should work on more to achieve my ultimate physique and health!

  • Hi Tzia. I wish to own a FitBit to help me achieve my goal to be healthier this year. Being an asthmatic patient its rather challenging for me to workout. I wish to keep track of my exercise improvement and health monitoring with the aid of FitBit.
    Thank you! :)

  • hi!!!

    Never really believed in using a fitbit but reading your blog makes me think otherwise? Now i really wanna give it a go and see if it can help improve my lifestyle. Hoping i’ll be the one to get it:-)

  • I’m looking for a calories tracker to track my workout progress recently, and saw your give away post in insta! Its fate!! Hahah! I guess Fitbit is the best fit for me which I loves workout and swimming as well! Definitely will love to fully utilize Fitbit! Love ya! <3

    Eunice Tay Yah Sze

  • Usually i didnt track on how much calories I burned for every workout I do..but i always track on the calories range estimation show in the workout video..From now on I wish to have a fitbit to help me effectively on this.With fitbit, it motivates me to have a consistent work-sleep-eat routine and definitely helps me toward more healthier lifestyle..I am appreciate with the giveaway session and I hope I am the lucky one to win this❣️

    Anna Teng

  • I need a Fitbit to stay fit and healthy! All this while I’ve been wanting one! And now you’re having a giveaway! I hope I’m lucky to have this!

  • Hi, would like to have a fitness tracker as im a frequent swimmer and jogger. Unfortunately im still a student so can’t really afford one. :( Hopefully I can get one! Thanks anyway!

    Jared Chan

  • Hi Tzia,

    I’d like to win a FitBit to use it as a reminder to always move more and practice a healthy routine! Also it would be really helpful to help me to track my fitness routine :)

  • Hi Tzia,

    I’d like to win a FitBit to use it as a reminder to always move more and practice a healthy routine! Also it would be really helpful to help me to track my fitness routine :)

    Nicole Chang

  • : Max Leong Shang Wey
    Hi Tzia .. I’d like to win that fit bit because I’m one of those people who are part of the over weight category in Malaysia
    So a fit bit will be very beneficial to me on my journey to losing weight haha
    Thank you

  • I would like to win this Fitbit flex because I would like to give it to my mother as a Mother’s Day gift and get fit with her. We can motivate each other to have a healthy lifestyle with the helps of Fitbit !

    Ryne Loh

  • Hi Tziaa.. The reason I wish I could own a FitBit fitness gadget because I always wanted to own a fitness gadget in order for me to know the calories that I had burn during my daily workout. Besides, I am a weird person which have a habit on calculating my daily steps “spend” in order to reach my daily goal– 10,000 steps per day, but currently I am using step calculator apps which I had downloaded in my phone whereby I personally doubt about the accuracy of this app. Therefore, I hope I am lucky enough to own this awesome fitness gadget in order to keep me in the healthy lifestyle. And i would also like to thanks Tziaa to having this giftaway event. :)

    Name: Jolene Leong

  • Hi Tzia!

    I swim. I love swimming. It’s the only exercise I’m willing to do. But I don’t own any waterproof gadget
    so I lost track of time and how much fats I burn. I really need this fitbit so I can keep in track of how much fat I burned and food calories intake that I sould take.

    Dear Tzia, please choose me :D pleaseeeeee ~

    Susan Soo

  • I need a Fitbit to help me keep track on my health and fitness level as you mentioned in your blogpost. Thanks for your giveaway session which remind a lot of us how important to keep track on our own fitness level is. Thank you :)

    Kimberly Chua

  • The reason why i need a fitbit is bcs it able to help me keep track my lifestyle, the number of steps taken daily and also encourage me to exercise. Besides, im currently a uni student who always rushing for assignments, meeting deadlines and exams, i believed by owning a FITBIT, it can act as a reminder to make sure i have enough hour of sleep every single day and helps me maintain a balance lifestyle :D

    Name: TEH YI XUAN

  • I need fitbit because I want to have a better healthy lifestyle as I am a person who is lazy to exercise so I need something to motivate me. I always sleep late that’s why I need something to track my sleeping time.

    Wong Sin Yee

  • Hi Tzia,

    As much as I would love to own this Fitbit, I have decided to win this as a Mother’s Day gift to my one and only wonderful superwoman in this world. She’s my pillar of strength and she thought me to stay healthy with her amazing home cooked food and she even brought me to gym so that I can stay fit all the time. She was always trying to give me her best and now it’s time to repay her effort which I would love to give her this incredibly awesome #FitBit. I wish she could stay fit with this wonderful item and we can track our fitness record together. Thanks for this thoughtful giveaway! 😊

    Name: Leong Soo Fong, Celine

  • I want my FitBit😍 I can set up my health and fitness goals. My goals are adjustable and i can change them at anytime. The FitBit cheers me on (and tells me when im getting close to certain goals for the day.🙂🙂🙂
    Name : Sum Kah Weng
    IG: kelvin_ss

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