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pinkberry ♥

& then….

my blackberry went for plastic surgery, and now she’s a freaking chio pinkberry.
cupipi wallpaper make it even more chio! *meltsssss.


now my phone too, is, sweetified.


rainbow lights keypad is yummieeee!
it looks like the colorful gummies i had yesterday. heh!


if you love my pinkberry, you can look for the BB plastic surgeon, ericsoong.
oh, shinyee‘s BB pun undergo plastic surgery, you might love to have a look on her’s too.



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  • CHIO!!!! Pink is always the best colour =)

  • cupipi is mad cuteeeee !! <3
    cute berry. feel like biting it ! hehe!

  • jy – haha, *high 5

    freda – ahh. go get a blackberry! & then, go pimp it!!!! then, put cupipi wallpaper too!

  • so pink!!…..and its match the blog…hehehe

  • amat – haha, pink is always the choi-est color! heh!

  • can i noe where u get the cupipi wallpaper?
    i cant find it in website..=(

  • passby – ern, i just google doodoll’s wallpaper. :)

  • pink so cute

  • ni kira baju raya untuk henpon kau lah kan..iye dak..

  • tzia, how much you pay for this BB ?
    hee, do you sign up any plan ? :)

  • tzia! your pinkberry is soooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee!! i love it so much. I think im going to pimp my blackberry too :) black seems so boring now! do you happen to have that fella’s number??

  • Wow, so cute your pinkberry!♥ what model berry is yours? :D

  • I like your theme. The icons are at the side. Where did you get your theme?

  • june – thankiew!

    fnd – yaya! heh!!

    freda – i bought it seperately (rm1000), then i signed up for DiGi58

    riley – haha! thankiew!!!! go pimped! go to his website. is at above!!

    cherish – thankiew! it’s curve 8520. :)

    kelly – i had forgotten where i downloaded it for i downloaded it quite some time ago. sorry!

  • mind if i ask you where do you dload your themes :)? i just bought my BB so im stil trying to learn how to get the new themes and all

  • tziaaa, I find it that my BB 8520’s battery lifespan very short, I need to charge like once per day.
    how bout yours?

  • Hey, may i know where you bought the silicon case cover for your bb? the devil thingy :)

  • riley – ahh girl, i’ve really forgotten where i get my themes from. i am so sorry! :(

    frauline – ern, must sign out msn to avoid battery from dying fast. :)

  • jay – i got it from carefour, subang. :)

  • any idea what’s the name of the shop? thanks!

  • jay – he has no shop. you can go to his blogshop following the above’s link.

  • love it…soooooo nice..

  • now it looks like some strawberry
    eeww, u destroyed blackberry!! :p

  • hweeen – heh! thankiewwww! go get one too! *wink

    deadeye – i suka! haha!

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