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new year eve ’12

First of all.

our wardrobe is way too small to have everything fit into it!

Which means pre-loved & brand new clothing is up! ♥

the batch #1 @ http://tziaaa-closet.blogspot.com/

So, I am finally blogging about New Year Eve.
It’s terribly overdue. Well, again, late is better than never, i guess.

It was 31.12.12.
Well, Adele & I again thought we shall have a gathering dinner sort of thing to celebrate the eve since christmas dinner was all good.

Dolled up, for the night. ♥

#Selca 1

#Selca 2
*i have got more of these, but I guess I shall stop right here.*

Adele is always good in exploring new places for good food. This time, she suggested Magenta, in Publika.

The place looks decent, however, it doesn’t reach our expectation.
probably because, we did some research online, and all the photos look so pretty. & that got us to we set our expectations a lil too high.

It’s alright, good compainions on that night fixed all the disappointments.
The bestieAdelechow.

Introducing Beatricechuah.

Bigbang yuhua *ohh, she’s bigbang’s die hard fans* & peiling.

Brandon & his girl, Karmun.

The 3Js’, Jordan, Jet & James.

&, here comes the food!
We are so hungry! I think we could swallow a cow! Yes, we are that hungry!

We all ordered the new year set menu.

Pumpkin soup // Mushroom soup // Chicken chop // Fish & Chip // Mushroom Oglio Olio // Chocolate Brownies.

For FOODIEs like us, the food there certainly did not satisfied us.
It was alright, just again, we expected too much.

The only plus point is that the price is definitely affordable.

Ohh, & this is the old school sprite bottle that caught all of our attention! Jackoon us!

The companions that fixed all the imperfections.
Hello, awesome peoples! (:

Next up, the after PARTAYYYYY!

I couldn’t really remember when was the last time i partied. It must have been too long for me to even remember.

It is a sign of A G I N G !!! omg. I got to admit that I am so getting use to staying home during weekends, especially Saturday because I just didnt want to missed church the next morning. *oh-so-good* LOL!

Anyway, we had our COUNTDOWN PARTY at The Healy Mac, Changkat. ♥
Changkat was so packed ( /w angmohsss) that night, adele’s favorite. *evil grins*

Party people of the night! ♥

James, fishball.
oh, he wink. haha.

Beatrice, again.

Rex Lok.
I love standing beside him because he will always make me look so petite. heh!

Brandonchen yo!

Partied like rock stars; An awesome way for awesome people to kick start an awesome year !

11.59 countdown starts now!

Then as the clock struck twelve and year 2012 slipped away, just like that; we clinked our glasses together, & kissed goodbye 2012.

HELLO 2013!

Dear 2013, I promise I will love you as much as you love me!

JordanAng, the skinny version of edward cullen.
White face, red eyes, and that’s it. LOL!

Adelechow, my love.

I thank GOD for putting you back in my life after so many things.
I just want to say I LOVE YOU. ♥ ♥ ♥

I bet you are the only one that i never need to explain myself to, and yet you understand me even better than me myself.

the heaven-sent angel! <3

tipsy version of #ootd. mehhhhh.

I havent got drunk for ages!
Not this time too *evil grins*, but was tipsy!

Some of the tipsy candid shots! ♥

It was a good night, afterall. ♥
It was definitely a night of remembrance.

Guess it’s time for me to really get out of my denial mode and welcome #2013 officially!
#2013, i pray for you to be a happier and definitely better year!


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